Apex packs tracker

How to check all the Apex Legends Packs you’ve opened

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends may be free to play, but those with big money can still benefit from exclusive features within Apex Packs. But, keeping track of these loot boxes can be tricky.

In 2022, only a few battle royale games are as popular as Apex Legends. The PC community keeps coming for Apex’s impeccable gunplay and interesting legends. The cut-throat shooter is free to play, but those willing to spend money can still access special features. In this case, Apex Packs provide cosmetic items or crafting currency.

These packs reward players with rare, epic, and legendary items that can not be obtained without leveling up or spending some cash. Dedicated players often stack up these boxes in hopes of copping Heirloom shards, the most desirable item in Apex. These unique items cost a significant amount of cash and require a months-long grind to be unlocked through the loots.

There is less than a 1% probability of Heirloom Shards dropping when a player opens an Apex Pack. Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment added a new update which ensured that a player could not open more than 500 Apex Packs without receiving Heirloom Shards. But, following the number of cases can be challenging. This Apex Pack tracker can assist in tracking the loot cases opened.

How to use Apex Packs tracker in Apex Legends

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This Apex Pack tracker can help calculate the number of loot cases you’ve opened so far. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on this link to open the Apex Pack tracker.
  • Begin by inputting your Account Level, found above your head in the in-game lobby.
  • This information generates how many packs you earned from those levels as players get a new reward like an Apex Pack legend token after leveling up each time.
  • Next, add your season level, which can be obtained from any legend’s banner tab.
  • You may also add a purchased number of Apex Packs, entries for events, quests, and Twitch Prime members.

Once that’s in, the calculator generates the number of packs you’ve opened so far. This should help you determine how close you are to cop that shiny Heirloom. Respawn has promised a rare Heirloom drop after 500 Ape Packs, but an early drop isn’t entirely out of the equation. Keep your fingers crossed to enjoy Heirloom Shards by leveling up quickly.