How to boost teammates to elevated areas in Valorant

Fariha Bhatti • November 26, 2021 1:33 pm

Valorant doesn’t have a particular way of reaching the high ground, but players have worked around movement mechanics to get to innovative angles. 

Riot Games’ shooter has tons in common with classic FPS games, but it doesn’t allow players to boost on elevated areas. Teammates can’t use player models as step-stool, like in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, cunning players have found a trick to utilize all Valorant angles. 

Previously, players discovered ways to hop through Sage’s walls. This proved that reaching the high ground is possible when there’s a solid object on either side of the boostee (player who’s getting boosted.) A teammate could sandwich the boostee and help them reach on top of the wall. However, a new trick shows that solid objects may not be necessary.

Player models can act like solid objects to sandwich the boostee on higher areas. However, having a wall stuck on the front of all models is necessary. This trick won’t work unless players are consistently moving into the front side wall. 

How to boost teammates on elevated angles in Valorant 

  • Player 1 and 2 (boosters) crouch on both sides of the boostee
  • Player 1 and 2 hold W (move forward) and D/A key (move right or left) while facing the boostee 
  • The player getting boosted should now press the jump key while holding the W key. 
  • Keep jumping until you reach the higher box or wall. 

This is a tricky tactic and might take some practice in custom games. But, it’s worth the effort as walls and solid objects are not available at all times. With the assistance of two teammates, players can get on top of all reachable high angles. 

It’s unclear whether this is an intentional mechanic or not since Riot Games has previously banned a couple of boosting tricks. Currently, boosting is not part of movement mechanics in Valorant, but players continue to find new ways. This one is likely not an exploit since it requires the help of teammates and is extremely high risk. Still, players will find out about its legitimacy in the coming patches. 


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