How to apply for an IKEA job in Roblox

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 4, 2024

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IKEA is a real-life store famous for its viral food items and simple furniture. It’s now entering the world’s top-seller game with a virtual store, offering paid job opportunities. Here’s how to apply for an IKEA job in Roblox.

IKEA food items are pretty popular on TikTok, but it’s equally famous for its furniture, pottery, and other household items. While working at IKEA may not be the dream job for some, it sure doesn’t hurt to get paid for selling virtual goods from home.

“The Coworker Game” in Roblox lets you get paid for being a salesperson in an IKEA virtual store. All you have to do is deal with pixelated customers and collect your cheque…of real money.

“Our coworkers are able to change roles, switch departments, and grow in any direction they choose, both in the game or in the real world. There are many ways to learn and grow at IKEA, and that’s what IKEA on Roblox is all about,” IKEA said.

Those who wish to take up IKEA’s offer can apply for the job between June 3 and 16. Since there are only ten vacant slots, players should keep their expectations in check. It’s worth noting that this opportunity is only available for 18+ Roblox players in the USA.

If you’re selected for the role, you’ll be paid £13.15/€14.80 per hour, which is pretty decent for an in-game job.

IKEA is hiring for their Roblox store

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To get paid in Roblox, you may apply on IKEA’s newly launched The Coworker site. Here’s how:

  • Go to this link and read about the job description
  • Click on the “Apply for this job” button at the center of the page
  • Fill in the details and answer questions correctly
  • Share your social handles and correct contact information
  • Once you’ve filled out the form, click on the blue “Submit” button

Hired workers will perform their duties in different areas of IKEA, including the Showroom and Bistro. They will help people choose their furniture, serve meatballs, and more.

If your application is shortlisted, IKEA will reach out to you for virtual interviews between June 14 and 18 for the next steps.


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