How the Crystal Rose Festival works in Wild Rift

By Nicholas James


Dec 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Wedding bells are ringing and there’s love in the air as the Crystal Rose Festival arrives in Wild Rift as a part of patch 2.6. Players will be able to claim rewards and bonuses for playing during the festival, including poses for Crystal Rose skins. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards and event system.

What is the Crystal Rose festival?

The Crystal Rose Festival is an event centered around the latest skins being added to Wild Rift. There are new milestone rewards and missions for players to complete. The missions are simple enough, with only two of them making up the entirety of the checklist for this event.

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The first mission is Time to Play, which is the usual quest that simply involves playing a game. This quest can be repeated up to three times per day. The other quest is Dress Your Best, which rewards players for being in a game with one of the new Crystal Rose skins. The champions being given Crystal Rose skins are Ezreal, Jarvan IV, Lux, and Sona.

Crystal Rose milestone rewards

There are five tiers of rewards for the Crystal Rose Festival event. These can be reached by completing the two available missions. The first tier gives a Crystal Rose icon unique to this event, and the next three grant Blue Mote Boosts, Blue Motes, and Poro Coins.

The fifth and final tier offers players a Crystal Rose Pose Selection Chest, which allows players to select a pose from a limited list. The options are poses for any of the Crystal Rose champions eligible for the quest or poses for their base variants.

The Crystal Rose Festival will begin on December 15 and run through December 24. The Crystal Rose event continues Wild Rift’s pattern of throwing new cosmetics into the spotlight with in-game activities and rewards.


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