How Riot Games made the 2021 World Championship rings

Nicholas James • November 5, 20:52

Riot Games has been stepping up production and promotion across the board as Worlds 2021 winds on, and one example of that is championship rings.

The finals that take place tomorrow will involve the gifting of a brand new symbol of the brand new victors’ triumph, World Championship rings. These rings were previously announced, but Riot Games has released a new video that takes fans behind the scenes of the conception, crafting, and final look for these gorgeous trophies.

In the video, LoL Esports takes fans into the long process of getting the rings from a concept to a top-of-the-line masterpiece for Riot’s yearly champions to receive. Previously, the champions would take home medals but little else, as the Summoner’s Cup itself would remain with the organization itself. Riot Games decided to collaborate with international esports sponsor Mercedes-Benz to bring a sense of refined elegance to their latest page taken from the book of traditional sports.

The year-long process to forge something worthy of the esteem and grandeur of the Worlds stage began with sketches. The Mercedes-Benz influence is clear to see, with the company’s iconic logo emblazoned on two sides of the ring’s face. While both Riot and Mercedes-Benz led the design, it was collaborator GOOD ART HLYWD that brought the ring to life. Formed from a custom 18-karat white gold mixture developed specifically for the World Championship Ring.

The ring’s sleek design is meant to channel the theme of digital excellence, futuristic thinking for esports with Mercedes-Benz’s simple, yet elegant aesthetic. The video follows the ring from sketch to the final version and highlights Riot’s continued commitment to establish League of Legends as the world’s premier esport, complete with traditional sports signature elements like championship rings. The Worlds finals between DAMWON KIA and EDward Gaming take place tomorrow, November 6, at 5 am PT. The winner will receive the gorgeous new championship ring.


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