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How many Forspoken chapters are there?

by | Jan 26, 2023

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Forspoken has been getting lots of attention online, positive and negative, but how many Forspoken chapters are there? 

Forspoken is a new action-adventure game from Square Enix that follows a regular young woman from Earth on her journey to a magical new land. Frey Holland, a worker from New York, is transported to the magical land of Athia. From there, she has to undergo a journey from an average New Yorker to a powerful mage. For those looking to check their progress in the game or gauge its length, how many Forspoken chapters are there? Here’s everything you need to know about Forspoken’s chapter system.

How many Forspoken chapters are there?

Forspoken is broken up into chapters, loose narrative groupings of the stages of Frey’s journey. There are 13 Forspoken chapters in the game’s main story upon release. Not all of these are exactly the same length. How much time you spend in a chapter is often dependent on how many side quests you decide to undertake during that time. Here are all 13 of the Forspoken chapters in order, along with their titles.

  • Chapter One: Attachments
  • Chapter Two: Stuck
  • Chapter Three: The Interloper
  • Chapter Four: What Must Be Done
  • Chapter Five: Might and Main
  • Chapter Six: Damned If You Do…
  • Chapter Seven: The Hue of Blue
  • Chapter Eight: The Truth Will Out
  • Chapter Nine: Breaking Point
  • Chapter 10: None The Wiser
  • Chapter 11: Forspoken
  • Chapter 12: Awakening
  • Chapter 13: New Beginnings

Most of these chapters will take around an hour to complete, with some leaning closer to 90 minutes or two hours. Thorough players can expand this time if they decide to go for a more completionist playstyle.

How long does it take to beat Forspoken?

Most players report an approximately 12-hour playtime for most playthroughs of Forspoken. Easier difficulty levels will likely decrease this time, with higher levels extending the time players spend in Athia. Initial reports suggested it had a much lower play time, but completionism seems to take the game’s playtime to closer to 30-35 hours.

However, unless you plan to dig deep and play every part of the game, it can be hard to justify Forspoken’s price when compared to its price point. Forspoken costs a whopping $69.99 USD on Steam, meaning players are paying almost eight dollars for every hour of playtime. With mixed reviews, players should evaluate whether or not the high price of the relatively short game is worth their time and monetary investment.

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