How does GamStop affect esports sites?

By William Davis


Aug 10, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

If you are a frequent gambler on online gambling sites, you may have heard all about GamStop. Most gambling websites that adhere to strict rules and regulations under the licensing authorities have to mandatorily partner with a self-exclusion scheme to ensure the safety of gamblers online. GamStop is one such self-exclusion scheme that prevents problem gamblers on gambling websites and apps for a period of their choosing within Great Britain. 

For quite some time, these self-exclusion programs were seldom used. In many cases, players found many casinos not on the GamStop block that open a  way to unregulated gambling sites to escape self-exclusion schemes. It remains important however to observe responsible restrictions placed around betting, and there has been a change in this behavior as there has been a surge in the number of players registering with GamStop.

As the restraints put in place by GamStop are rather strict, they end up curbing players to access almost all gambling sites. One may think that the effect this has on online gambling platforms must be huge. 

GameStop does not affect esports sites

GamStop has little effect on the esports industry as they welcome new players every day. The troubles of problem gambling lie deep within the system of online wagering with little to no care for the gamblers on the part of the casinos and esports websites. This is for the sole reason that they profit out of their wagering ventures. 

Even though it seems like this will lead to a loss of new players for the esports websites, that is not exactly how it is in reality. Gamblers sign up with responsible esports websites that maintain a certain degree of transparency and encourage responsible gambling. 

Besides, the percentage of players signing up for the self-exclusion schemes is very low compared to the number of gamblers who sign up with the online casino or esports website. The fact that GamStop is a player-centric self-exclusion scheme invites more players to the website.  This means that no one else has permission to sign up for GamStop’s services on behalf of another person.

GamStop affects esports gambling

The self-exclusion sites like GamStop have little to no effect on esports websites as the number of new players signing up is far greater than problem gamblers who acknowledge their gambling addiction. 

The unfortunate part is that GamStop affects esports gambling in a way that gamblers who are avoidant of self-exclusion schemes tend to steer away from casino sites and sports bookies who partner with GamStop.

More importantly, it is always a good decision to side with GamStop as it promotes the social responsibility of Responsible Gambling. Esports websites that digress from the set terms and conditions often have to face some form of punishment from the licensing authorities such as UKGC. Thus, the best idea is to allow GamStop to work in unison with the bookies on the web page.

GamStop users cannot bet on esports

GamStop regulates online gambling by allowing the player to take control of his involvement in online gambling. Online casinos that are registered under the licensing authorities based out of the United Kingdom are mostly partnered with GamStop and esports websites are no exception. 

With the help of services like GamStop, gambling authorities can make sure that the gamblers online are safe as well as check any sort of errant behaviour on the part of the operators.

However, there is an example of esports betting sites that operate beyond the purview of the UKGC and are therefore free from GamStop restrictions. These sites are safe and credible operating under offshore licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Great Britain, Government of Gibraltar, etc. 

Obviously, there are many forums in and around the European nations which work towards safe gambling and sports betting practices. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is a trade association based in Brussels that represents all the online gambling and betting operators providing legitimate services. 

Safer Internet Day is an initiative taken by the European government to promote the mindful use of the Internet for gaming and entertainment purposes. At the end of the day, responsible gambling, with or without GamStop is all about mindful self-control.