Hot tub streamer JubileeBlais permanently banned, here’s why

By Olivia Richman


Jan 3, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Hot tub streamer Jubilee “JubileeBlais” Blaisdell has been banned from Twitch twice in 2023.

It’s only January 3, but JubileeBlais had already been suspended from the streaming platform twice. Both times it was for suggestive content. This time, JubileeBlais is appealing her ban, claiming on Twitter that she doesn’t understand the rules.

“This is actually very depressing and I’m sad about it. It’s not clear. I can’t be myself,” she wrote.


Why is JubileeBlais banned from Twitch?

In the past 30 days, JubileeBlais has been banned from Twitch seven times. Every single time it has been for suggestive content, usually related to her attire. All of her streams have her sitting in a bathtub while wearing a skimpy bathing suit.

JubileeBlais’ most current ban is “indefinite,” which means it’s not clear exactly how long it will be. Indefinite bans are usually 30 days. But getting seven bans in a row has many questioning why she is even allowed back on Twitch at all.

According to JubileeBlais, her ban is permanent.


Streaming community reacts to JubileeBlais ban

Despite expressing sadness over the indefinite ban, the Twitch community has been largely unsupportive of JubileeBlais — even her own fans.

One long-time viewer questioned why JubileeBlais won’t go back to playing video games on stream like she used to. On YouTube, where she has over 114K subscribers, JubileeBlais creates a lot of content about Pokemon, including comical rankings and reactions. This has left some viewers wondering why her content on Twitch is more adult-oriented.

Others had no sympathy at all due to her excessive amount of bans in a row. To many in the streaming community, it seemed as though JubileeBlais wasn’t willing to learn or change as a result of the bans, which led to them happening over and over again. Some even felt she was lucky to still have a Twitch account at all after breaking so many policies. Multiple people told her to switch to OnlyFans exclusively.

Despite the backlash, Jubilee expressed fear for her future as a content creator. She said she made some accounts on different streaming sites but felt she largely had “nowhere else to go.”

“I have an army of trolls who follow me around, commenting nasty things on all my content, reporting me for anything and everything, sending death threats from time to time. It’s terrifying,” she added.


To make up for the loss of her Twitch, JubileeBlais tweeted that she’s looking for a sugar daddy.