Honkai: Star Rail Kafka abilities and release date

By Melany Moncada


Jul 14, 2023

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Kafka is the next five-star Lightning character in Honkai: Star Rail. Here is everything you need to know about Kafka’s abilities before her banner is available.

Kafka is a member of the Stellaron Hunters. Kafka, alongside Silver Wolf, is temporarily playable at the beginning of the game. It is Kafka who decides to place a Stellaron inside the Trailblazer’s body.

Kafka shows up later on in Xianzhou Luofu, where she escapes imprisonment once again.

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Kafka Abilities

Kafka is joining the limited list of characters from The Nihility Path. These are the debuffers in the game. Characters in this path reduce the enemy’s powers by placing different types of debuffers in them. Kafka deals Lightning damage.

Basic Attack – Midnight Tumult

Deals 50% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DMG to a target Enemy.

Skill – Caressing Moonlight

Deals 70% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DMG to a target enemy and 25% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DMG to enemies adjacent to the target. If the target enemy is already taking Damage over Time (DoT), immediately deals damage equal to 100% of all current DoT effect the enemy has.

Ultimate – Twilight Trill

Deals 38% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DMG to all enemies. There is a 100% base chance for enemies to be Shocked and immediately take DMG equal to 82% of received DMG. When Shocked, enemies receive 64% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DoT at the start of their turn.

Talent – Gentle But Cruel

After an ally uses Basic ATK on a Shocked enemy, Kafka immediately deals 75% of her ATK as Lightning DMG to that enemy. This effect can only be triggered once per turn.

Technique – Mercy Is Not Forgiveness

Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, deals 50% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DMG to a random enemy. In addition, all enemies have a 100% base chance of being Shocked for 3 turn(s). While Shocked, enemies will take 50% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DoT at the start of each turn.

Kafka Release Date

Kafka will be released in the second part of Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2.

Kafka’s banner will be available starting on August 8 alongside Luka, Sampo, and Serval.


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