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Hogwarts Legacy trailer highlights Crucio as usable curse

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 24, 2022

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Hogwarts Legacy’s new trailer has dropped, and it’s soul-stirring for Harry Potter fans. The short teaser has confirmed that the dark arts will be a significant factor in the game.

Since the game’s announcement in 2020, the dark arts have been at the center of discussions around Hogwarts Legacy. The game draws inspiration from the original Harry Potter franchise. Each spell teased in the state of the play trailer is spot on, suggesting that the developer is replicating everything exactly. Due to the non-violent nature of the game, players were concerned whether the dark arts would make the cut. 

It turns out that dark magic is unavoidable, according to the narration. A brand new trailer has been released, focusing entirely on the dark spells, especially the Cruciatus curse.

Hogwarts Legacy trailer highlights Dark Arts 

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is mostly a non-violent mystery game. Instead of destructive weapons, players will be equipped with wands that can only hurt armed enemies. So when a state of play video teased the killing curse, it dropped the jaws of many. Now the developer has made clear that it’s a crucial part of the game. 

On August 24, Hogwarts Legacy revealed a new trailer that showed dark magic as a significant part of the game’s plot. The trailer cleared the air around the big question of whether the game would feature the killing curse and similar spells. It seems the developer is all for it, revealing Crucio as a usable curse. 

The two-minute-long trailer featured Crucio as an unforgivable curse. Plenty of dialogue in the trailer makes clear that dark magic should be avoided at all costs. However, the main character clarifies that learning the dark arts is still essential to understand Salazar Slytherin and their cunning better. Another voice, likely that of a Slytherin student, justifies dark magic, saying a spell that can save your life shouldn’t be unforgivable.

What does Crucio mean in Hogwarts Legacy? 

According to the students in Hogwarts Legacy, dark magic is unavoidable, so the trailer shows them practicing the Cruciatus Curse (Crucio), also known as the Torture Curse.

Crucio is one of the three unforgivable Curses due to the excruciating physical pain it can cause. Victims subjected to Crucio risk going insane, making it one of the banned spells. Like other unforgivable curses, the castor of Cruciatus would suffer a life sentence in Azkaban unless the curse was cast under magical influence. 


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