Hogwarts Legacy release date

Hogwarts Legacy: All spells and charms with their function

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 13, 2023

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Hogwarts Legacy is finally available to play for all. The game features a range of spells from the Harry Potter universe, and we have compiled them all in one place.

In the game, players take on the role of a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and experience life as a wizard in the late 1800s. As part of their journey, players can learn and cast a variety of spells that are inspired by the spells from the Harry Potter universe. The spellcasting system in the game allows players to cast spells in real-time combat, as well as during exploration and when unlocking chests.

Overall, the spells in Hogwarts Legacy play an essential role in the game and offer players various magical options for combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Spells in Hogwarts Legacy are divided into two classes: Essential and Selectable. Here are all the spells in each category.

Essential spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Essential spells are core spells that you might need to use more often. They remain active after you obtain them.

Petrificus TotalusFull Body-Bind CurseBinds and paralyzes – deal lesser damage to tougher ones.
RevelioRevelio CharmReveals objects and enemies on the map.
ProtegoShield CharmCreates a protection bubble against yellow attacks.
StupefyStunning SpellProtego’s follow-up – stuns enemies.
AlohomoraUnlocking CharmUnlocks doors and chests.

Selectable spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Selectable spells need to be acquired and learned in order to be used. After learning, you may assign them to a slot and switch with other spells when required.

DepulsoBanishing CharmForcefully repels a target away.
ConfringoBlasting CurseFires a launcher of flames.
Conjuring SpellN/AUsed to place down objects.
CrucioCruciatus CurseCauses severe damage and pain.
Descendo N/APulls the enemy down to the ground.
ExpelliarmusDisarming CharmUsed to disarm an enemy.
Disillusionment CharmN/ABlends you into the environment.
BombardaExploding CharmBlasts nearby enemies by creating a damaging AoE.
GlaciusFreezing SpellEncases enemies into an ice ball.
IncendioFire-Making SpellSets fire to enemies and their possessions.
ImperioImperius CurseCreates an ally out of an opponent.
Avada KedavraKilling CurseInstant death.
CrucioCruciatus CurseCauses severe damage and pain.
FlipendoKnockback JinxSlams a target into the ground upside down.
Wingardium LeviosaLevitation CharmAllows stable movement into the air.
LeviosoLevitation SpellLifts a target into the air. Lacks stability, compared to Levitation Charm.
ReparoMending CharmRepairs broken items.
DiffindoSevering CharmSlashes a target with damage-dealing blades.
Arresto MomentumSlowing CharmStops or slows a target from moving.
AccioSummoning CharmSummons an item or enemy.
Transformation SpellN/AN/A
EvanescoVanishing SpellN/A
LumosWand-Lighting CharmN/A

In combat, players can use spells to attack enemies, defend themselves, and support their allies. Different spells have different effects and can be combined as well. So, players will need to experiment and find the spells that work best for them in each situation. Additionally, the game includes a variety of spell effects and visual styles that are inspired by the Harry Potter universe, making each spell feel unique and special.


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