Hit LoL show Arcane rakes in Annie Award nominations

By Nicholas James


Dec 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The hype train for Arcane, the Netflix-exclusive animated adaptation of League of Legends, doesn’t seem to be stopping. As the annual Annie Awards have come around, Fortiche Productions has received accolade after accolade for their fantastic work in the nine-episode series starring characters from the LoL regions of Piltover and Zaun.

Arcane Annie Awards buzz brings in nine nominations

Arcane raked in a variety of nominations in categories next to the best the industry had to offer this year. The big nomination is for for Best TV/Media – General Audience, which would crown Arcane as the best all-around animated production of 2021. It stands next to such proven successes as Bob’s Burgers, Love, Death + Robots, Star Wars: Vision, and Tuca & Bertie. Arcane creators Fortiche Productions have put years of labor and love into the show, and that quality work being put into the final product has been rewarded with this acknowledgment.

Arcane has also received nominations for Best FX – TV/Media, Best Character Animation, Best Character Design, Best Direction, Best Production Design, Best Storyboarding, Best Voice Acting, and Best Writing. It’s hard to find an aspect of Arcane that hasn’t been so lauded.

Mel Medarda’s character design gets Arcane Annie nomination

The nomination for Best Character Design has been given to episode two, and the artist nominated says that means it’s almost certainly praise for Councilor Mel Medarda. In an adaptation of a game that values distinct silhouettes and design above all else, Mel’s design outshone even the champions she appeared on screen with.

Many fans have been hoping to see Mel make the jump to League of Legends, though she doesn’t yet have an obvious power. There are fan rumors of her possibly having magical powers or armor and joining LoL further down the line. But for now, these remain unconfirmed and Mel hangs on the limb of Arcane’s cliffhanger ending.


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