Hilarious CSGO hardware mods simulate smokes and recoil

By Steven Rondina


Mar 11, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The rumble feature has existed in video game controllers since the Nintendo 64, but what about a rumble mouse? Even better, what about a full rumble setup?

Nobody really asked for that, but that didn’t stop a creative group of gamers from realizing that goofy goal. The crew decked out their PC, desk, mouse, and seat to respond to their in-game actions in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Naturally, the results were hilarious.

The action starts in straightforward fashion, with a mouse having pistons built into it to emulate recoil from firing guns. While that’s simple enough, the ante is upped with full-blown hydraulics being attached to the desk and chair. Here’s what ultimately happened.

It didn’t take long for the monitor to completely fall apart after implementing this setup. The M249 had the frame of the monitor split off the base, with the screen falling out. Even more impressive was the experiment with the AWP. One shot from the sniper rifle was enough to send the monitor flying into the air, splitting apart once again after it landed.

As if that wasn’t wacky enough, things got upped further. With a new monitor that was taped down for security, they started playing CSGO and pivoted over to an open-world action game. While riding a horse, the desk and chair skip along, sending things skipping around. It ends with the monitor seemingly on fire, with smoke billowing out of their window.

Ridiculous gaming setups are nothing new

While this is an absurd setup for a gaming PC, this sort of experimentation isn’t anything new.

One of the funniest examples is a racing game setup designed to emulate crashes. Pistons set up behind the chair can send a player smacking forward if they crash.

There are also the massive motion simulator setups that use a series of hydraulics to emulate actually driving in a fast car. Before anyone picks up a $3,000 PC and four monitors, they ought to consider something a bit more distinctive.