Corinna Kopf

Here’s why Corinna Kopf is already banned from Twitch again

By Olivia Richman


May 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Streamer Corinna Kopf has been suspended from Twitch yet again despite just returning to the platform.

Kopf is no stranger to getting banned on Twitch. In 2019, Kopf decided to switch to Facebook Gaming after she was banned from Twitch over an old clip. After two years spent streaming for Facebook Gaming, Kopf decided to return to Twitch in March 2022. But just two months later, Kopf has been banned again.

On May 12, fans on Twitter caught wind that Kopf was in trouble on the streaming platform, where she is currently a Twitch Partner. Some wondered what happened this time around, but most were not too worried about it despite StreamerBans’ use of an upset emoji following the announcement.

Why was Kopf banned from Twitch?

The reason behind Kopf’s ban was anything but surprising. Kopf came clean about the ban on her own Twitter account, sharing a screenshot of the email Twitch sent her that outlined the reason for her ban: inappropriate attire.

“Ain’t the first time,” Kopf tweeted.

In the screenshot, Twitch outlines how Kopf has broken the platform’s Community Guidelines regarding Nudity and Attire. Some examples of “violative content” including showing visible outlines of genitals and an exposed underbust. This can include swimwear, which many content creators get around by appearing in a hot tub.

Kopf was clearly unphased by the ban, which is only meant to last for one day. Kopf cheekily shared her OnlyFans link right after posting the initial tweet about her Twitch ban.

What does Corinna Kopf do on Twitch?

Kopf has been known to stream games like Fortnite, but she is often found in the Just Chatting section. She also makes YouTube videos focused on her life, beauty, and boyfriend, popular streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney.

While Kopf has been steadily growing on Twitch due to her casual gameplay and IRL streams, her real bread and butter is OnlyFans. Kopf admitted that she made $1 million within just two days of starting her OnlyFans account last year. Three months later, that number had jumped to over $4 million.