Here’s why Valorant doesn’t have an infinite deathmatch mode

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 9, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant developers have finally acknowledged pleas for a 24/7 deathmatch server, and have revealed a reason behind the delay of its implementation. 

Riot Games’ tactical shooter currently doesn’t have a typical practice mode that you can spend seamless hours in without any end in sight. Valorant has various game modes, but they’re all based around the concept of losing or winning. That competition may make a game exciting, but many players prefer a casual deathmatch mode with features like pistol or rifle only. Valorant still stands in need of a game mode dedicated purely to practicing one’s shooting technique.  

TSM’s professional player James “hazed” Cobb highlighted the issue and demanded a 24/7 deathmatch mode that players can join and leave at will. 

Valorant’s product manager responded to the pro player and revealed why the developer isn’t rushing into adding a typical deathmatch mode. Jared Berbach explained that currently, Riot Games is targetting two types of players in its game. Some players like to hang out in deathmatch servers for a casual attacker versus defenders play, while others connect to polish their aim. An infinite practice mode won’t serve the former type, who’d rather not commit to a long competitive ranked game. 

The developer further explained that the players queuing into deathmatch are still relatively low compared to other modes, despite it catering to two types of audiences. Riot claims that extending the game time, allowing players to join or leave mid-game may further affect the player count, which might damage the deathmatch experience for both audiences. However, a pure practice server is in the cards, though it could take a while due to coding issues. 

Valorant developers have previously shed light on client issues that limit players from joining practice servers mid-game. Jared Berch ensured that once the issue with restrictions has been resolved, a mode that is strictly FFA “Infinite/Warmup” could be a possibility. Competitive players would have the means to connect and leave whenever they want to show off their skill elsewhere. 

What game modes are in Valorant?

Valorant currently has five game modes: Competitive, unrated, Spike Rush, deathmatch, and the recent Escalation mode. Practice Range is also available for players to try out new agent and abilities. Deathmatch and Escalation modes were added after the game’s official releases. Other modes were released with Project A. Game modes with shorter time commitments, such as pistol contests and three-versus-three games may be introduced in future episodes, as Valorant developers have revealed