Here’s why Ludwig is back from the weirdest Instagram ban ever

By Olivia Richman


Jun 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has been given his Instagram profile back after a brief and strange suspension. 

Ludwig was one of many content creators and influencers to attend the Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather boxing match. And he was one of many to post pictures of themselves in or around the ring after the fight concluded. But Ludwig’s photo resulted in him getting a seven-day suspension from Instagram. 

Ludwig posed in the ring with his friend “Slime.” Both of them wore suits and were staring rather seriously at the camera. Ludwig captioned the photo, “Met Joe Rogan at the fight.” But a closer look revealed that Ludwig and Slime had put their hands down their pants and then slipped their fingers out of the zipper, making it look as if their genitals were casually touching. 

Ludwig ban

Ludwig shared the photo on Twitter as well. A day later, he replied to his tweet with an update.

“Got banned for a week on Insta for posting this exact pic,” Ludwig exclaimed. 

Why was Ludwig banned from Instagram?

Ludwig seemed to know that it was a photo of he and Slime jokingly touching their fingers together through their pants zippers that got him banned from Instagram, but it was never explicitly explained by the social media platform, so it’s unclear exactly why Instagram deemed the photo inappropriate. While the innuendo was clear, nothing actually graphic or explicit was present. On a site where people show much more than this without any backlash, the ban was quite shocking. 

Now that Ludwig’s account is back up, it appears that Instagram feels the harsh suspension was a mistake. But Instagram still hasn’t explained why the ban happened in the first place. 

Ludwig’s girlfriend, QTCinderella, was recently suspended from Instagram as well. She was repeatedly reported by Adin Ross’ fans, who she had sarcastically called “very cool kids.” Even after demanding that Instagram give her account back due to ongoing harassment, QTCinderella’s Instagram account remains down. 


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