Sims 5

Here’s what we know about The Sims 5 release date, platforms

By Olivia Richman


Apr 20, 2022

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Ever since EA Games officially announced that The Sims 5 was in development, fans of the popular simulation series have been wondering what will be in store for the latest installment. One of the biggest questions on the community’s mind is what platforms will The Sims 5 come out on?

The Sims 5 has not been given an official name or release date yet, making it a bit challenging to figure out some of the details surrounding the highly anticipated game, but there are still some answers for Sims fans waiting for information.

When is The Sims 5 coming out?

The Sims 5 has no official release date yet but it could even be as early as 2022.

In 2020, EA hinted that the next game was in development, meaning it’s been in some form of development for two years at least. While a 2022 release is definitely optimistic, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Where will The Sims 5 be available?

If The Sims 5 comes out in 2022 or 2023, the Sims community can safely assume that the game will be available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch releases are possible, but not guaranteed.

It will most likely come out on PC first if it follows the pattern of previous Sims releases. After that, The Sims 5 will probably come out for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Will you be able to play The Sims 5 on the Nintendo Switch?

Previous Sims titles have been available on Nintendo systems, although they are usually a watered-down version of the original.

The Sims 4 is currently not available on the Nintendo Switch, which makes it seem unlikely that The Sims 5 will be ported onto the system. While it is possible to see a version of The Sims 5 on the Switch, the console may not have the processing horsepower to handle a faithful recreation of the PC version.

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Will you be able to play The Sims 5 on your phone?

A mobile version of The Sims 5 is unlikely.

There have been some theories online surrounding mobile devices, with some fans speculating that there will be full-blown cross-play between the console and mobile versions of The Sims 5. This is most likely not happening, although EA hasn’t commented on this concept thus far. While there is a mobile version of The Sims, the ability to play the full version of The Sims on mobile is probably not happening anytime soon.


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