Here’s the location, lore of Half-Wolf Blaidd in Elden Ring

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Blaidd the Half-Wolf has become a fan favorite character in Elden Ring, but what is his lore and his location in the Lands Between?

FromSoftware games are always grim, but the studio sprinkles a few friendly faces into every dark fantasy world. Elden Ring is no exception. Half-Wolf Blaidd is one of the first friendly warriors players will meet in the Lands Between.

From his canine face to his intimidating armor and weapons, most players are thankful to find Blaidd on their side. Here’s how to start Blaidd’s quest and claim his armor and weapons in Elden Ring

Where to find Half-Wolf Blaidd

It’s possible to encounter Blaidd in numerous places across the Lands Between, but the most common first meeting point is in the Mistwood Ruins. Visit the location to hear a wolf’s howl, then return to the Church of Elleh and speak with Merchant Kalé. He will teach the player a finger snap gesture. Return to the spot where you head the howl and use the snap gesture to summon Blaidd.

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Blaidd will hop down and explain his personal quest to defeat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil trapped in Forlorn Hound Evergaol. The Tarnished can now summon Blaidd at that field boss to help defeat it. If the player has already killed Darriwil, Blaidd will commend the player for their actions and tell them to meet with a blacksmith up north. 

The following sections contain major spoilers for Blaidd and the main Elden Ring story.

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How to get Blaidd’s armor and weapon in Elden Ring

Unfortunately, the only way to get Blaidd’s armor and signature weapon is to kill him. Doing this early on is a massive challenge, but there’s a way to make it slightly more ethical. 

Players can attack Blaidd at any point, but the ensuing fight will be extremely difficult. Blaidd has very high HP and deals a ton of damage, enough to one-shot most early builds regardless of class.

The intended way to get Blaidd’s armor and weapon is to progress through Ranni’s quest, which is the most complex and difficult NPC quest in all of Elden Ring. After the quest is over, a hostile Blaidd will be sitting outside Ranni’s Rise. 

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This fight is very tough, even more so than the Baleful Shadow fight in Ranni’s quest. The best opportunity to attack is when Blaidd performs a jumping slash followed by a shockwave. Roll through the shockwave and backstab Blaidd, then follow up with a jumping heavy attack. He can’t heal during this fight, so just play safe and look for jumping attacks to exploit. Once the fight is over, his corpse will drop Blaidd’s Armor, Greaves, and Gauntlets as well as the Royal Greatsword. 

What is Blaidd’s lore in Elden Ring?

Blaidd became extremely devoted to Ranni the Witch after rejecting his original destiny.

Very little is known about Half-Wolves, but their frightening appearance could be related to Omen children. Sometimes, babies in Elden Ring are born with unnatural features including random horns sticking out of their bodies. Morgott, The Omen King is another example. These children are usually abandoned at birth, but a few rose to prominence. Blaidd might have been kept alive in order to become a Carian knight, but he disliked that path for some reason.

Eventually, Blaidd pledged allegiance to Ranni the Witch. He chose to serve Ranni in her quest to conquer death, a process that is still underway at the time of the player character’s journey. He aids the Tarnished in their own personal Ranni quest, even showing up in the fight against Starscourge Radahn.

He then goes mad after Ranni’s disappearance and becomes a Baleful Shadow. Even in madness, Blaidd continues to guard Ranni’s Rise. This is evident in the corpse of a Black Knife Assassin present at his final fight.


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