Here’s how to use and customize CSGO’s new ping system

By Nick Johnson


Dec 6, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s new ping system shipped with Operation Broken Fang and it might be the most customizable ping menu in gaming today.

Valve has created a total of 50 different options for players to map to CSGO’s three new ping menus. By default, the menus can be brought up by holding the user’s ping key and scrolled through using the scrollwheel. Expanded ping systems have become standard in today’s games, with Apex Legends popularizing the feature and shooters like Valorant expanding it even more. CSGO might just be taking things to the next level.

How can players map CSGO’s new ping options?

There are three customizable sections that can be mapped with whichever combination of pings a player wants. For example, they might use one of CSGO’s two secondary chat menus for pregame pings like marking a bombsite or asking players to follow them. Pings range from the classic “Yes” to things usually reserved for voice communications such as “I hear footsteps” and “Multiple enemies here.” Players have to choose the pings they want on their wheels, so that means that players will have to pick the 24 they want to use if they plan on using all three menus.

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Unlike in Apex Legends, CSGO’s pings aren’t contextual, which means that the system doesn’t recognize what is underneath the crosshair when a player decides to ping something. That said, with 50 different options available, CSGO now boasts the most robust ping system out of any first-person shooter on the market.

Where is a list of CSGO’s ping options?

Players can find a list of CSGO’s ping options in the in-game menu under “Keyboard / Mouse” and then the submenu “Chat Wheel Keys.” has also listed out all of CSGO’s ping options below. With all of the new content that Operation Broken Fang has added to CSGO, the ping system is one thing that’s flown under the radar. The in-game menu includes a search bar to search the full list of options, with categories including “Preparation,” “Responses,” and even a “Report” submenu where players can pass on information to their team.

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Now, even players who choose not to use voice chat are able to communicate effectively with their team through the system and each of CSGO’s agent’s accompanying voice lines. If players want to try them out, they can find a full list of CSGO’s pings below.

CSGO Preparation Pings

  • We should save
  • We should buy
  • Request a weapon
  • What’s the plan?

CSGO Movement Pings

  • Go go go!
  • On my way
  • Follow me
  • Following you
  • Ping Site A
  • Ping Site B
  • Ping Middle

CSGO’s Command Pings

  • Rotate to me
  • Stay together
  • Spread out
  • Fall back
  • Hold this position
  • Check the hostage

CSGO Report Pings

  • Heard noise
  • Enemy spotted
  • One enemy here
  • Mutiple enemies
  • Need Backup
  • Bomb carrier spotted
  • In position
  • Covering you
  • Area clear

CSGO Bomb Status Pings

  • I’ll Deactivate/Activate Bomb
  • You Deactivate/Activate Bomb
  • Bomb was dropped
  • Guarding the bomb
  • Ping Bomb
  • Bomb picked up

CSGO Response Pings

  • Yes
  • No
  • Nice!
  • Thanks!
  • Cheer
  • Pep talk
  • Sorry

CSGO Grenade Pings

  • Need Decoys
  • Need Smokes
  • Need Frag Grenades
  • Need Molotovs
  • Need Flashbangs