Here’s how to support Twitch streamers through donations, subs

By Olivia Richman


Jan 31, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

One of the main ways that streamers make money is through subscriptions and donations made through Twitch. Viewers looking to support their favorite content creators have a variety of ways to donate, all of which are quite simple. Here’s a quick guide on how to donate to streamers on Twitch. 

How to subscribe to a Twitch streamer

Subscriptions are a great way to consistently support a streamer who has an affiliate or partnered account. Twitch subscriptions basically allow viewers to pay the same amount every month, providing financial support to streamers. There are three subscription tiers, ranging from $4.99 to $24.99. The tier unlocks certain perks for subscribers, including ad-free viewing, emotes, and other exclusive content. 

To subscribe, log into your Twitch account and then head to the channel you wish to subscribe to. On the top right of the screen, viewers will see a “Subscribe” button. A pop-up will appear, allowing viewers to make a purchase. 

Twitch Prime members can subscribe for free to one streamer if they have linked a Prime-enabled Amazon account to their Twitch account. Viewers without a Twitch Prime membership can simply select “Subscribe” followed by the tier of their choice. From there, Twitch users have to enter their payment details to complete the order. 

How to donate Twitch Bits

Twitch bits guide

Some streamers don’t have a donation tab set up. If that’s the case, or the viewer doesn’t feel comfortable donating through a third-party site, there’s always Twitch Bits. This is a built-in currency on the Twitch platform. Each Twitch Bit is worth one penny. They can be purchased directly from Twitch with a small markup. 

That means 100 Bits would cost a viewer $1.40, 500 Bits costs $7, 1500 Bits is $19.95, and so on. 

Viewers often donate 100 bits at a time, which works out to $1. Feel free to add a bit more Bits to make a comment stand out. Donating with Bits is often referred to as “cheering.” Each amount of donated Twitch Bits has a special animated emote depicting them as the gems seen above. Some streamers also have a ranking system for their fans based on how many Bits they’ve donated. Sometimes viewers can earn free Twitch Bits by watching ads on the platform or taking surveys. 

How to donate to a Twitch streamer directly

Most streamers have a donation option set up. This allows their viewers to donate directly without having to go through Twitch or pay any fees. It’s usually set up through a third-party company. 

Donations can be made pretty easily. Scroll down a content creator’s profile to find their donation panel. Click the link they provide. The most common donations are either cash or crypto-currency. Depending on the site, it will have different instructions. 

Twitch donation page

Donate to a Twitch streamer by purchasing merch

The majority of Twitch streamers have affiliate links, even if they aren’t sponsored. These are links to certain products viewers can purchase while simultaneously rewarding the streamer by going through their personal URL. The products are most often related to gaming but can be just about anything. 

If you’re not in the market for gaming equipment or energy drinks, you can also check out the Twitch streamer’s personal merchandise. Most streamers will have their own merch for sale, often consisting of clothing like t-shirts and hoodies or stickers and keychains. Merch is a great way for content creators to not only make money but build a brand and capitalize on their catchphrases and inside jokes with fans. 

While it’s important for streamers to receive donations, subscriptions, and merch sales from their viewers, it’s not always possible. For viewers low on cash, promote the content creator’s streams on social media or volunteer to be a moderator. These are the kinds of things that can help streamers build a community. 

How much do Twitch streamers make? 

The amount of money a Twitch streamer gets per month depends on the type of content, how often they stream, and many other factors. Full-time streamers with a strong following can make between $3,000 and $5,000 each month, but there are many aspiring influencers that are struggling to get by. For the most popular streamers, Twitch can be much more lucrative.

Just look at Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. He reportedly earned $10 million in 2018 just by playing Fortnite on Twitch. Of course, popularity also brings about sponsors, partnerships, brand deals, and much more ad revenue and subscriptions. 


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