how to see your Valorant match wins

Here’s how to see your Valorant match wins in 2021

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 31, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Have you ever wondered how many games you won in 2021 and how you performed in those games? Valorant Flashback stats may help take a peek at your stats last year. 

Valorant players are always trying out new strategies and routines that may help them improve. Riot Games’ year-long review can help players work on their weak areas and compare performance with 2020. 

The Flashback from Riot Games shows how many games you won in 2021. Players can also study their in-game performance in these cards. The reviews are all-encompassing as they feature every little stat including Kill/death ratio, headshot percentage to lethal weapon, and damage dealt. Using this intel, serious Valorant players can make insane progress for the ranked games in 2022. 

Riot Games sends our performance review every year, but 2021’s Flashbacks are more detailed than ever. They are crafted to help players be better and climb ranks quicker. In this year’s Flashbacks, players can compare their performance and find out what sort of shots they’re hitting.

How to check your Valorant Flashback stats for 2021

Here’s how to check all your in-game stats for 2021

  • Log in to the email account registered with your Riot Games account.
  • Go to your inbox after opening the email.
  • Find an email from the official Valorant email address with the subject line “See how you stacked up last year.”
  • All your 2021 stats should be here. 

Try checking your promotion or spam folder if you don’t see an email with the Flashback subject line. It’s possible that the email ended up in other folders instead of the inbox. 

How to improve your Valorant stats for 2022

Observing your last year’s stats can help you improve drastically. Compare your 2021 performance with 2020 to see the areas you lack.

You can also use websites like to keep track of your best and worst maps. The website can also help find your best agent on the maps you struggle with the most.