reload quicker as Cypher

Here’s how to reload quicker as Cypher in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 4, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

If you’re a Cypher main who opts for quick switching to save time, you’ve been reloading your weapon all wrong. Check out this trick to reload quicker as Cypher. 

Riot Games introduced a unique twist of ability-wielding characters to the traditional first-person shooter genre. In 2022, Valorant stands out as an entertaining shooter that draws players in with its lively agents and immersive lore. But Valorant is still a shooter about skill at its core, fast-paced and wildly competitive. Thousands of players lose duels just because they blink while holding a corner. Timing is crucial. 

So it’s not surprising that players will do anything to save seconds during a game. For example, quick switching after reloading. While this trick may work in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’s often futile in Valorant. Cypher players have a much better option that helps them to reload quicker that involves switching to Cypher’s cam.

However, the timing of switching to the camera may differ depending on each weapon. A professional coach can help understand the switching and timing on weapons other than Vandal.

How to reload quicker in Valorant

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Players have discovered that tapping into Cypher’s camera and then canceling back to their weapon is the quickest way to reload. 

Reloading a weapon takes approximately 2.5 seconds on a primary rifle. In the middle of a duel these few seconds can make or break a game, so players try to cancel the reload animation by switching to knife and then back to their gun. However, Cypher players can be quicker if they try this new trick. Instantly equipping the camera after reloading and then using the Vandal is the fastest way to get back to the shooting. 

This trick is huge with the Vandal, and it’s even better with the Operator. Players can save up to a half-second by canceling the camera after reloading. It may take some time to practice and get it correct, but this trick is worth mastering for your games. 

Does quick switching help in Valorant?

Quick switching is a popular way to cancel the reload animation in CSGO, but it’s not as valuable for Valorant. In reality, it may actually increase the reload time in Valorant.

The same video shared above showcases that scrolling through weapons may add to the overall animation time. It may work on a few guns, but is futile on primary weapons. Instead, it’s better to stick to the generic reload animation rather than quick switching. 

These tiny mechanical details are something that you don’t necessarily learn just by playing ranked games and practicing on your own. A coach can help you to learn tips that may seem trivial at first but prove more than valuable in high-stake games. Check out Metafy to find a coach who can help you master your favorite agent and climb the ranks in Valorant.

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