Here’s how to protect the spike on Bind with Killjoy

Fariha Bhatti • March 8, 05:39

Valorant’s efficient German Killjoy has a unique kit that can help you protect the spike on Bind. 

Nanoswarm is a lethal weapon. The sentinel’s molotov is valuable for jamming pushes and clearing out choke points, which is why they’re usually laid down at the beginning of the round. On the attacker side, Killjoy can utilize the molotovs by planting them on the spike to be deployed later on sound cue. While this strategy can be useful in some cases, the enemies can always destroy the nano swarm. 

Thanks to Valorant’s developing professional scene, pros have found new uses for Killjoy’s Nanoswarms. These post-plant lineups on Bind will ensure that enemies keep clear of the bomb. 

Make sure that the spike is planted at the default green crate of A site. After activating the bomb, run towards A short and stand on top of the canister. Aim up at the wooden window. Aligning your crosshair with the left jamb, place your crosshair at the top of the roof. Press the jump key and then throw your molotov. The Nanoswarm will drop atop the green crate, invisible and unbreakable for enemies caught off guard. 

For bomb point B, plant spike at the left corner of the metal container and move outside of B. Move to the corner of the teleporter, where you’re not in the enemy’s sight. Using the HUD as your guide, line up the bottom portion of the E ability’s icon with the right side of the fourth block, as shown in the image. 

Throw the device and wait for it to land on the defender. Activate it to cut the enemy out of the round. 

The key to using these lineups is to throw the device when you’ve heard the defuse sound. The enemy will likely not expect a molotov to fall on them, stopping them from defusing. The strategy works best in a one-on-one situation when the enemy can’t find out the source of the lineup to shoot down the attacker but can be used in any situation where enemies are strapped for time. 

Is Killjoy a sentinel in Valorant?

Valorant’s 12th agent, Killjoy, was released as Valorant’s third addition to the Sentinel roster, after Sage and Cypher. She has a unique skill set that allows her to singlehandedly force back pushes and hold down a site without much help.


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