Here’s how to jump over Sage walls without any abilities

By Fariha Bhatti


May 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Playing against Sage mains on a map like the Icebox or Split can be vexing, but a new trick shows a great counter to one of her key abilities. 

Sage’s abilities shine the most on smaller maps where her walls can block off an entire site entrance. Slow Orb makes space for teammates to get easy kills in tight corners, making Sage a valuable asset on locations like Split and Icebox. You only need her one wall to delay enemy pushes. But a new exploit shows that her walls are not so overpowered after all. 

It turns out players can easily jump over Sage’s barrier. And no, not just Raze and Jett mains, as this trick works for all Valorant agents. There are two conditions to counter her wall successfully. First, the barrier should be attached to a wall on at least one side, and second, you need a teammate’s shoulder to help you over the hump. 

How to jump over Sage’s wall on any map

  1. Attach yourself towards the corner of the barrier that has wall support.
  2. If you are the booster, strafe to the side to sandwich your teammate to the left, then simultaneously press crouch and forward to make sure your teammate has support when they jump.
  3. The player getting boosted should instantly press the crouch and jump keys to slip on top of their teammate’s shoulders. Make sure you’re also holding forward key to push yourself forward as needed.
  4. Press crouch and jump again after getting boosted on top of your teammate to land atop the barrier. 

This jump trick may require practice, and you may fail to boost on the first few tries. Make sure you’re holding your forward key all the while both as the booster and the player being boosted. You may also need to carefully time your crouch jump to reach the top of the barrier. 

This little trick can be a game-changer when used correctly. It’s likely not a good idea to hop barriers that are meant to block site entrances. However, the boost trick can be extremely viable to break the backlines silently. Decision making and game sense are crucial to squeeze the full juice out of this trick. Otherwise, you’ll likely land yourself in the enemy’s crosshair while trying to execute the boost. 

You may want to quickly try out the boost in ranked games as it’s most likely to be a short-lived exploit. The developers have been explicit about boosting in Valorant in the past and how it’s not meant to be a part of the game’s mechanics. So don’t be surprised if your new crouch jump tactics stop working soon. The developers may deliver a patch for this exploit. 


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