Here’s how to get five free loot boxes in Overwatch in 2020

By Olivia Richman


Dec 26, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The holidays aren’t over for the Overwatch community. 

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch players are being given five free loot boxes. The winter-themed loot boxes are available to any player that logs into the game before January 5. 

How to claim free winter loot boxes in Overwatch

Claiming the five free loot boxes is actually very simple. Players just have to log into the game before January 5. This will automatically give them the loot boxes without any further steps required. 

The Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch lasts until January 5. Along with new winter-themed arcade modes, the Winter Wonderland event came with exciting new cosmetics. This includes legendary skins like Mei dressed up in a penguin onsie and Zenyatta sporting a retro robot toy appearance. Previous Winter Wonderland skins, highlight intros, voice lines, and emotes are also available. 

The five free loot boxes will ensure that players have a better chance at grabbing some of these exclusive cosmetics before Winter Wonderland ends. 

What time does Overwatch Winter Wonderland start? 

Winter Wonderland started on December 15. This allowed Overwatch fans to try out the new arcade game and unlock new cosmetics before the holidays. Even after the new year, players will be able to keep unlocking the winter-themed cosmetics. This is one of Overwatch’s many repeating events, so if players didn’t get what they wanted this year, they will be able to try again in 2021. 

What is the next event in Overwatch 2020?

Winter Wonderland will be the last Overwatch event in 2020. It even lasts until the beginning of 2021. It’s unclear what the next event will be. If Blizzard copies their previous pattern, it will most likely be the Chinese New Year event in February. Developers most likely won’t create any new events or game modes in the original Overwatch because Overwatch 2 is expected to be in production and to be coming out very soon.