Here’s how to find the secret Parkour course in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s range is not just meant for polishing aim, a secret Parkour course within the map helps hone in-game movement. 

Movement is a big part of Valorant. Agents like Jett, Neon, Raze, and more are incomplete without impeccable mobility tricks. However, there’s no simple way to practice them. Players often look toward custom games to polish their mobility kits, but few know about a secret challenge Riot Games has added within the practice range. It’s much better than solo practice. 

The secret Parkour course in Valorant is a less-known challenge that helps players practice tricky jumps. Here’s where to find it. 

Where is the Parkour course in Valorant?

Jett Valorant

In order to practice movement within the range, players must find magical blue footprints. They’re hidden at the backside of the range, on top of Brimstone’s office, where map shards are floating in thin air. 

The addition of a practice range for jumping is invaluable for players. A few jumps in Valorant are tricky to pull off, but getting them right can be a key to victory. For example, jumping from Icebox’s tower to screens, Haven’s wooden planks to Radianite crates, and Ascent’s B site cubby. Players can learn those and more in Valorant’s secret Parkour course. 

Besides aim practice, Riot Games has added a movement course within the range. Here’s the exact location of the Parkour course. 

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Along the ledge against the wall are a set of blue footprints. Walk along them towards a series of floating rocks. The jumps will get harder as stones get further apart and smaller. The initial jumps may only require a space bar tap, but later players may want to tinker with crouching and jumping simultaneously. 

There are checkpoints along the path for those who don’t make it, but there’s a developing speed run challenge for the course that might leave some wanting to do it all in one go. Besides that, the Parkour course in Valorant is helpful in mastering basic movement. 

What’s a Parkour course in Valorant? 

Parkour is a training method focused on movement in Valorant. In Valorant, players can learn control by practicing their jump keys, running, crouching, rolling, and more.