Here’s how the new Hype Chat feature works on Twitch

By Melany Moncada


Jun 29, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Twitch announced Hype Chat, a new way for streamers to monetize their communities.

Hype Chat is the newest tool available for streamers on Twitch. Hype Chat allows viewers to purchase a message that will be pinned to the top of the chat.

The prices for Hype Chat go from $1 USD to $500 USD. Streamers will be able to set the minimum price for Hype Chat at $100 USD. The message duration, visual design, and character count will depend on how much the viewers pay for it. The more they spend, the longer the message can stay pinned. Hype Chat is a complementary monetization tool alongside bits, subs, and gift subs.

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The feature is available only to Twitch partners for the time being. It is unclear when will it be available for streamers in general.

A feature like Hype Chat could be misused by viewers. To prevent any kind of abuse, Twitch is implementing existing safety features, including but not limited to:

  • Viewers will not be able to send Hype Chat messages that contain banned words or phrases.
  • Hype Chat messages from users who are timed out or banned will be immediately removed from the queue.
  • Hype Chat messages are scanned by AutoMod, and viewers will not be able to complete their Hype Chat purchase if it’s flagged by AutoMod.

The messages can be removed by streamers and moderators if they consider them harmful in any way. Prices for Hype Chat can be adjusted according to the streamer’s considerations and demand.

Hype Chat revenue split

Whenever a new monetization feature is introduced, the first question is, what is the revenue split? With Hype Chat, viewers can pay in their local currencies. The revenue will be split 70% going to the streamer and 30% going to Twitch.

Other monetization features will remain the same.