Here’s how Omen’s teleport can easily open Ascent’s B site

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 28, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The narrow entry to Ascent’s B site hugely favours the defenders. But the shadow agent Omen’s abilities combined with Raze or Sage can play a pivotal role in opening up bomb point B. 

B site might be challenging to open, but it’s also tricky for defenders to retake this site post-plant. Compared to bomb point A where three entrances allow defenders to defuse the Spike more smoothly, B site’s design blocks out the enemies from re-entering. Fielding the agents at defender spawn and B main will ensure that Spike is well-protected. For all of these reasons, attackers prefer to plant the Spike at B, despite the challenging narrow entry. Here’s how Omen and Raze can help the team take control of the site. 

Omen’s shrouded step or basic teleport requires him to look at the desired location before marking it. A little help from fellow agents can help Omen to mark into the B site of Ascent. 

This setup requires the team’s Raze to set up her blast pack on wooden boxes placed in B main. The player using Omen may step atop the blast satchel and jump on it. Communicating with Raze is crucial at this point, as deploying the pack at the right moment will provide a peek into the B site through a high window. Omen should initiate the shrouded step while jumping and teleport as soon as green boxes are visible. 

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The teleport will take the agent inside the bomb point, allowing him to flank his enemies or take down defenders defending the site. This distraction will also weaken the defending agents at B main, enabling teammates to clear out the area and enter the site. 

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The whole setup requires strong team synergy and communication, which is why this strategy works better in a full party. In solo queue, Omen mains can request the team Sage to propel them up on a wall.

With Sage, this setup is way easier to carry out successfully as a stable wall gives Omen more time to peek and move to the marked location. 

Can enemies hear Omen teleport?

Omen’s shrouded step and ultimate “from the shadows” are unique abilities that no other agent has. The agent’s bizarre kit has made him one of the most-picked agents in Valorant. But his powers do have a weakness.

Omen’s teleport is not entirely “shrouded.” Just before the agent moves to the marked location, enemies can hear a noise cue. A slow hum can easily be heard, which would alarm the enemies about the shrouded step. 


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