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Here’s every Operator skin in Valorant and how much they cost

by | May 24, 2022

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Reading Time: 8 min.

The sniper rifle warrants satisfactory kills in one shot. Each lavish Operator skin in Valorant ensures that you load up your scoreboard in style. 

The Operator is the most powerful sniper weapon in Valorant, guaranteeing a kill in a single shot. The sniper rifle is a must-have in full buy rounds to secure kills at long range and draw first blood. Initially, it may have been hit with some criticism, but Riot Games has balanced the weapon to suit the game’s meta. In episode 4, the Operator is inch-perfect and deadly. 

Skins may not drastically amp up your aim and play style, but they sure add style points to each kill. All weapons come in extravagant skin bundles that add some color to the default inventory. We have collected every Operator skin in Valorant into one place. 

Every Select tier Operator skin in Valorant

Select is the lowest, cheapest Valorant skin tier. Skins in the blue circle class are affordable and look like it.

They’re not a flex, but they add a touch of color to your inventory. Players often shop these skins for less-used weapons to fill up the collection. Select Operator skins cost 875 VP, and there are currently four in this tier. 


The pastel green Operator has no variants or special effects, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a minimal weapon. This basic sniper also has some detailing in the form of geometrical patterns and sheer silver coating. 

Price: 875 VP.


For 875 VP, Endeavor is one of the best Operators money can buy. The simple yet statement sniper has a nice blend of colors on a white backdrop. The mechanical feel of the weapon adds an expensive touch to the skins. 

Price: 875 VP.


The old and rusty skins are the top pick of players who don’t like sharp colors and over-the-top animations. The Infantry Operator is wrapped in bandages and corroded screws for the battle-scarred look. 

Price: 875 VP.


For the Luxe Operator, Riot has opted for serene blue on a glossy body. The white sniper has a unique cut-out pattern on the corners, making it look almost like a dolphin. Luxe Operator has no finishers and variants, but players often pick it for the calm aura. 

Price: 875 VP. 

All the Deluxe Operator skins in Valorant

Deluxe skins are plain, old guns with minimal animations and sound effects. They are affordable at 1,275 VP per skin. Most of the skins in the deluxe tier have translucent exteriors playing a slightly animated scenic view inside the glass. There are five Operator skins in this category. 


One of the most controversial skins, Minima Operator, is also the least popular one. The plain black skins are exactly like the default weapons, except for the matte body that distinguishes them. The Minima Operator has a subtle self-pattern on the body that may set it apart from the default weapons. 

Price: Minima rotates in the store for 1,275 VP. 


The brilliant Prism Operator has a blue exterior that shines in a purple gradient under sunlight. The smooth texture of this Operator has made it a popular weapon, but many believe that it belongs in the select tier. Still, players appreciate a good glossy skin. 

Price: 1,275 VP. 


The bundle looks quite similar to Winterwunderland, Nebula, and Horizon skin line that features a glass-like exterior, reflecting scenic images. Silvanus has a mysterious nature scene plastered on the body, with bluish nighttime hues flowing like water on top of forest art.

Price: The greenscreen Operator is priced at 1,275 VP. 

Team Ace

The iconic Team Ace bundle was an instant hit among the fans for its minimal yet eye-catching visuals and sketch-like exterior. The Team Ace collection featured images of all Valorant agents on each weapon, with the OP having colors of Jett. 

Price: The agent-themed Operator comes at 1,275 VP. 


Tigris is hands down one of the best Operator skins in the Deluxe tier. Thanks to its royal accents in gold and red, the luxurious sniper appears much more pricey than it actually is. The Tigris Operator doesn’t have any special effects, yet players shop the skin from the market for its regal appearance. 

All the Premium Operator skins in Valorant

The premium family has nine Operator skins, and almost all are highly sought-after in Valorant. This tier is perfect for players who appreciate a good sound element but will pass on over-the-top animations. Premium skins are usually priced at 1,775 VP. 


Forsaken is the ultimate amalgam of all the top Operator skins in Valorant. In its dark variant, the Forsaken Operator takes the shape of the popular Reaver Vandal, and the light version is reminiscent of the Sovereign skin bundle. The Forsaken Operator remains a massive hit among the players for its wild vibe and crystal-encrusted body. 

Price: This premium Operator comes in two colors with a VFX finisher. All of this is available for 1,775 VP. 

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster (GUN) is easily the most underrated Operator in Valorant. Only a few own this sleek weapon that has a unique bottle-like shape. The puffed-up body wraps in a small muzzle, and fun stickers only make it more enjoyable. GUN’s holographic variant is indeed its selling point as it is the only chrome weapon in Valorant. 

Price: For 1,775 VP, players get three variants and custom VFX. 


Few bundles in Valorant left an impression that could match the greatness of the Ion bundle. The stark white collection with the glowing blue electric ball in the middle was a massive hit in the community. It remains an instant cop for the players whenever Ion Operator appears in the daily shop. It has no variant, yet it’s worth every premium penny. 

Price: Ion is priced at 1,775 VP with its VFX finisher and animation. 


Riot Games’ steampunk experiment was a success. The Magepunk bundle blew up in the community for its unique animation that bottles enemies in a capsule. The light variation on each weapon is also pretty creative. Critical details of the Magepunk Operator are more visible on Operator’s giant body. 

Price: Magepunk’s three variants, VFX Finisher, and animation are available at 1,775 VP. 


Origin Operator is another mechanical bundle, but it is mainly known for its smooth audio element that is barely notable in Operator’s one shot. But, players continue to shop the Origin Operator for the circular design and creative inspect element. 

Price: Three variants, Finisher, and animation of Origin, are priced at 1,775 VP. 


Reaver was the popular bundle in Valorant, and it still remains a hit. The dark and bold Operator has a mysterious audio cue that plays on weapon equip and animation. Apart from that, it has distinctive color variants that are attractive and pleasant. The Reaver Operator is a favorite among the fans for its regal exterior and attractive color scheme. 

Price: Reaver is priced at 1,775 VP. It has three variants, a VFX finisher and a custom inspect animation. 


Artsy, creative, and dark, the Spline Phantom is owned by very few players, likely because it doesn’t have any mind-bending lore or theme. The wiry skins are available in beautiful blue, pink, green, and red gradient colors. But it’s the crystal-encrusted web of veins that is the specialty of Spline Spectre. 

Price: Spline’s three variants and no animations cost 1,775 VP.

Tethered Realms

The greenscreen Operator isn’t a very popular bundle, but it still sold decently. The clear Tethered Realms skins are reminiscent of Winterwunderland, Silvanus, and Horizon skins, with unique textures flowing inside the weapon’s clear body. The scenery inside the skins changes from the bright shades of the Sovereign bundle to the dark undertones of Forsaken. 

Price: 1,775 VP.


VALORANT Go! Vol. 2 is another agent-themed collection that brought the sea blue Operator into the game. Apart from the agent art on the body, there’s nothing special about this gun. For 1,775 VP, VALORANT Go! Vol.2 Operator comes with no special effects. 

Price: 1,775 VP. 

All the Exclusive Operator skins in Valorant 

There are four Spectre skins in the “exclusive” family. This is the second-highest tier in Valorant and features some of the most expensive bundles. All limited-edition cosmetics are released into this category with a price between 1,775 and 2,675 Valorant points for each gun skin. 


Glitchpop is the perfect combination of lowlife and high-tech Cyberpunk themes that Valorant players love. The animated bundle comes with a unique VFX, animation, and Finisher that plasters stickers all over the sky. Players opt for the Glitchpop Operator skin in Valorant for its toy-like light feel, making movement more convenient. 

Price: Glitchpop’s three variants, VFX Finisher and inspect animation, rotate in the market at 2,175 VP. 

RGX 11z Pro

RGX 11z Pro is another light-feel Operator in Valorant. This bundle saw slow success, but it is currently the most sought-after skin in the game—especially the Operator, as it offers smooth mobility due to the lightweight feel. Not just that, it also comes with a unique kill counter that tracks records each round. 

Price: The kill counter Operator is priced at 2,175 with three variants and animations. 

Sentinels of Light

Riot Games built on the League of Legends narrative in Valorant with the Sentinels of Light skin bundle release. The Operator’s skin is embellished with gold and crystalline reflective glass. The bundle base is white, gold, and black, but it comes in various other bright colors for those who like some extra bling. 

Price: The Operator skins come in pink, red/green, and blue/purple variants. It costs 2,175 VP. 

What’s the most expensive Operator skin in Valorant?

Elderflame is the most expensive Operator skin in Valorant. But, it’s worth every penny as it features a live dragon and fiery animations. The rough skin of this Operator would surely fire you up to add kills to the scoreboard. The Elderflame Operator is a highly regarded skin that only a few could afford. Its hefty price tag has made it one of the rarest, adding to a litany of reasons it’s so special. 

Price: Elderflame’s three variants: Red, blue, and dark, along with animations and finisher, is priced at 2,475 VP. 

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