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Here’s all you need to know about Valorant progression system

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant has a new progression system that finally lets players buy cosmetics without spending real money. 

Since Project: A, players have complained that Valorant is a mere cash cow for Riot. They weren’t totally wrong. Currently, you can’t buy a single thing in Valorant for free. Even instantly unlocking agents costs Valorant Points (VP.) But now, Riot is opening a shop for freeloaders with a brand new currency called Kingdom Credits (KC.)

Here’s how the new Valorant progression system works, starting from episode 7.

How do Kingdom Credits work in Valorant? 

KC is a free currency in Valorant that can’t be purchased. It’s earned through play time and is used to buy items like previous battle pass accessories. 

Players can earn KC by playing games (any mode) and earn a bonus for winning rounds. This currency accrues alongside Battle Pass XP and Agent Recruitment XP and caps at 10,000 KC daily. Here’s everything you can purchase using KC.

  • Agents from the Agent Store
  • Agent Gear
  • Previous Battlepass Accessories: Gun Buddies, Player Cards, Sprays, and Titles

While KC has plenty of uses, the most notable one is in accessories. Valorant now has a brand new accessory store where battle pass content is up for grabs. However, it can only be purchased via KC. It’s noteworthy that battle pass guns can’t be repurchased even through the new store. 

Can I use KC to unlock agents in Valorant?

Yes. KC can be used to unlock new agents and buy older ones. 

Every time Riot releases a new agent, an Agent Recruitment Event will automatically begin, staying active for 28 days. Agents can still be purchased with VP right away, but if you have some KC saved up, use it to get a new agent. How is it different than just buying an agent? While earning this, you’re also earning KC, which you can decide to spend on other things.

What are dailies in Valorant? 

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Dailies are one of the progressions you now earn while playing Valorant. It grants XP that counts toward Battle Pass, Event Pass, Agent Pass, and Kingdom Credits. 

  • Each day, you will have 4 checkpoints (Diamonds) with 4 progress.
  • Dailies reset every 24 hours, matching the current reset for Daily Missions.

Different game modes grant different numbers of progress. Here’s how much each mode offers. 

Game ModeProgress Earned
Unrated1 Progress per round won
Competitive1 Progress per round won
Swift Play1 Progress per round won
Premier1 Progress per round won
Spike Rush2 Progress per match
Escalation2 Progress per match
TDM2 Progress per match