When is Valorant Night. Market

Here is the Valorant Night Market release date (August 2023)

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 3, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s skin thrift store is returning once again. Here’s when players can purchase skins at a cut price from Night. Market.

Valorant has pricy in-game cosmetics that can cost hundreds for a full arsenal. The expensive guns aren’t affordable for all players. Still, skin collectors make a point of buying extravagant weapons. In 2020, Riot introduced a way for all players to enjoy cosmetics through the Night Market. The digital pop-up store brings skins at a cut price every other month. 

This act’s Night Market is on the way and it’d be packed with exciting skins. 

Valorant Night Market date (August)

Valorant skin

The Night Market of Valorant episode 7, act 1, will start on August 3 and continue through August 28. 

Players will be able to purchase their favorite skins at big discounts, with 50% being the maximum and 10% the lowest. If applied on Deluxe skins, it can make a world’s difference. However, Premium guns will also be available to purchase with significant price cuts. 

Like every Night Market, this act’s shop will also include at least two Premium skins. This rule ensures that everyone gets valuable items and squeezes full juice out of the thrift store. If you’ve been waiting to buy a cheap skin, Night Market is your chance. 

Why is my Night Market so bad?

Skin enthusiasts often complain about getting terrible skins in their shops. One possible reason could be that you purchased all valuable Valorant skins, leading to a bland market. Those who rarely ever buy items are more likely to get highly coveted skins. 

However, this is just one of the many reasons. Many factors come into play behind the content of the market, luck being the top one. So keep your fingers crossed, and hope for your favorite skin to appear in the thrift store.