Here is every Unown location in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

By Steven Rondina


Feb 8, 2022

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Finding the location of every Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus can be very difficult. But we can help.

There are a few different collection quests in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Alongside the 107 wisps and the general goal of catching ‘em all, players need to complete the Unown alphabet. The sole users of Hidden Power are scattered across all six of the main regions of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, with many of the Unown’s locations being tough to spot. While wisps glow brightly and can be spotted from a distance, players need to get up close with Unowns.

The good news is that while there are 107 wisps, there are just 28 Unowns. Players can easily track which ones they have and which ones they don’t through an index of the Pokedex. While this teases the location of each Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the directions are vague and difficult to read.

The good news is that it’s not hard to track them down with a proper guide. Here’s the location of every Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Unown locations, ordered by letter

Many of the Unown locations are described in fairly certain terms in the Pokedex, but some are a bit trickier to find. With that in mind, here’s some extra help. If this still isn’t enough, check out some visual aids for help.

  • A- Crimson Mirelands, look up at the back of the houses in the Diamond Settlement.
  • B- Cobalt Coastlands, head to the volcanic island and look for the alpha Ninetails. There’s an Unown on the volcano nearby.
  • C- Coronet Highlands, east of the Sacred Plaza are some ruins. The Unown is sitting atop a pillar.
  • D- Crimson Mirelands, head north out of the camp and walk along the river until there are a series of stumps with the D Unown sticking out of one of them.
  • E- Obsidian Fieldlands, in the tree on the island floating on the lake tucked into the northeastern corner of the map.
  • F- Coronet Highlands, at the top of the aboveground area of the Ancient Quarry is a jagged rock formation. The Unown is pressed against it facing towards the swamp with the alpha Goodra.
  • G- Obsidian Fieldlands, on the large rock at the top of Obsidian Falls.
  • H- Jubilife Village, on the sign above the southern gate when entering from Practice Field.
  • I- Obsidian Fieldlands, on the ground behind Lake Verity cave.
  • J- Coronet Highlands, in the underground area of the Ancient Quarry full of Bronzors and Bronzongs. Look near the ceiling in a cranny on the wall.
  • K- Crimson Mirelands, head south from the Shrouded Ruins, but stay on the plateau. Look for the tall rock formation and an Unown is near the top of it.
  • L- Coronet Highlands, in the Wayward Cave. There’s a dead-end where the Unown can be seen hanging.
  • M- Crimson Mirelands, on one of the decorations lining the ring where the player fights the Ursaluna ride Pokemon.
  • N- Cobalt Coastlands, on the eastern half of the massive, broken stone archway.
  • O- Alabaster Icelands, in an underground ice cave in the Icebound Falls. There’s a room with an alpha Froslass. In this room is a pillar of ice with an Unown pressed against it near the ceiling.
  • P- Coronet Highlands, on the western side of the Fabled Spring, hidden on the ground in a flowerbed alongside two trees and two red shrubs.
  • Q- Cobalt Coastlands, stuck on a tree outside the entrance to Turnback Cave. 
  • R- Cobalt Coastlands, on the northern peninsula that ends near Lunker’s Lair. The cliff forks at the very end, with the Unown in between.
  • S- Obsidian Fieldlands, on the sticks along the dam created by the alpha Bibarel.
  • T- Alabaster Icelands, sitting on top of one of the large ice formations to the northeast of Avalugg’s Legacy.
  • U- Alabaster Icelands, to the southeast of Heart’s Crag is a lake with two waterfalls. At the top of these waterfalls is a large rock with an Unown near the top of its back side.
  • V- Crimson Mirelands, the western half of the Scarlet Bog has a circle-shaped mud pit. The V Unown can be seen hanging off the branch of one of the dead trees growing out of the mud. 
  • W- Jubilife Village, behind western Magikarp statue on Galaxy Team headquarters.
  • X- Obsidian Fieldlands, at the end of a large branch in the tree at the center of the Grand Tree Arena.
  • Y- Alabaster Icelands, on a ledge in Icebound Falls. When the map is zoomed in, it’s directly underneath the “S” in “Falls.”
  • Z- Cobalt Coastlands, on the mast of the beached ship in Deadwood Haunt.
  • ?- Jubilife Village, outside the back window of your house.
  • !- Alabaster Icelands, on the cliffs above the Snowfall Hotspring are some dead trees. An Unown can be seen hanging from the high branches of one.

Can you get alpha or shiny Unowns in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Yes, Unowns can be found in both shiny and alpha varieties.

The Unowns listed above won’t ever be shiny, but there’s another location where players can catch them in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. After catching all 28 Unowns listed above, the Solaceon Ruins will become filled with wild Unowns. Several random letters spawn at the start of each day-night cycle.

Solaceon Ruins Unowns being shown.
Unowns start appearing in the Solaceon Ruins after collecting all 28.

These Unowns can be shiny, alpha, or both. The one drawback is that players have no control over which letters will spawn, meaning the only way to do this is to either kill all the Unown and rest until the start of the next day-night cycle, or reload the area entirely.

It should theoretically only take a few tries to get a specific letter to spawn. Getting an alpha or shiny version of a specific letter is almost mathematically impossible. A mass outbreak of Unowns is theoretically possible, but there isn’t a documented case of this happening as of yet.

What’s the reward for collecting every Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

The reward for collecting all 28 Unowns is a completed Pokedex entry and regular spawns in the Solaceon Ruins.

While this doesn’t sound like much, the completed Pokedex entry is important for any player looking to complete the game and catch the game’s namesake.

Jubilife Village Unown locations map

Showing locations of Unowns in Jubilife Village

Obsidian Fieldlands Unown locations map

Showing locations of all Unowns in Obsidian Fieldlands

Crimson Mirelands Unown locations map

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Cobalt Coastlands Unown locations map

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Coronet Highlands Unown locations map

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Alabaster Icelands Unown locations map

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