Here are the real-life locations of every Valorant map

By Steven Rondina


May 5, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Did you know that each Valorant map is set in a real-life location? 

Though Valorant is a fantastical game with agents boasting supernatural powers and futuristic technology, it takes place on Earth. Or maybe two Earths. Either way, maps are located in real-life cities like Tokyo and Venice.

Here’s where each map is located in Valorant.

Valorant map locations

Every Valorant map has a set of coordinates in its loading screen that indicate its real-life location. These settings range from metropolises like Tokyo, Japan to deserted islands in the Arctic Ocean. For those who don’t feel like typing those coordinates in, here are the locations for each Valorant map.

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Each map’s loading screen lists its coordinates below the name.

Ascent- Venice, Italy

Most of the maps have an agent that boasts home-field advantage in some way. That’s not the case with Ascent. No agent hails from Italy as of yet, making the original map the loneliest. Venice is also the home of the practice range as well.

Split- Tokyo, Japan

Alongside Ascent, Split is the only map that takes place in a world-famous city. Split is one of four maps that have been there since the beta. Over time, it has become a favorite for both pros and casuals. At this point, it stands as the least-gimmicky map in Valorant. Though originally set apart by its climbable ropes, newer maps have also adopted them.

Haven- Thimphu, Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country snuggled between India and China, and it’s home to arguably the most gimmicky map in Valorant. Haven bucks one of the tactical shooter genre’s most sacred traditions by having three bomb sites. It’s the only Valorant map to do this and that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

Bind- Rabat, Morocco

Bind is the fourth and final map introduced in the beta, and it’s effectively the home of Moroccan agent Cypher. Like the other beta maps, Bind was set apart by a singular gimmick. In this case, Bind has a series of teleporters that offer instant travel across the map. This mobility is offset by the fact that they’re incredibly loud, giving enemies a read on the teleported player’s location.

Icebox- Bennett Island, Russia

Riot Games chose an appropriate name for a map named “Icebox,” placing it on Bennett Island. Bennett Island is a small island north of Russia in the Arctic Circle. The map features an elaborate B bomb site, which forces players to divide their attention vertically to deal with attackers that enter over scaffolding and ziplines.

Breeze- The Bahamas

Breeze’s location was initially uncertain, as the map didn’t actually let players know its location. This was eventually remedied when Breeze revealed itself in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. The three points of the Bermuda Triangle are Bermuda, the southern tip of Florida, and Puerto Rico. The area is the subject of folk tales related to a number of ships sinking and planes crashing. Breeze is an island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, which is why there was initially mystery surrounding its exact location.

Fracture- Santa Fe, USA

The newest map in Valorant is Fracture and it’s located in the United States. Fracture has a very interesting layout, essentially shaped like a donut with the sites located on opposite ends. A bridge connects the sites with the defender spawn in the middle, while the attackers spawn between the sites with a zipline that can take them to the opposite side of the circle.