Here are the numbers behind the huge M4A1-S buff, Deagle nerf

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 22, 2021

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M4A1-S fans and Deagle diehards are definitely going to remember the 21st night of September.

Operation Riptide came with a small but impactful balance adjustment for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In traditional Valve fashion, the official announcement only listed the affected guns without any specific details. If you’re looking for the new damage values on the M4A1-S and Desert Eagle, read on to learn exact numbers.

M4A1-S body damage buffed

The silenced CT rifle has a number of small advantages over the M4A4. It’s silenced which can help keep lurkers hidden and boasts slightly better accuracy at range. While useful, the M4A1-S’s abysmal body shot damage was the key factor keeping most pros on the M4A4. Previously, it dealt just 23 damage to the chest and 28 to the stomach against an armored opponent.

As of Operation Riptide, the M4A1-S now deals 26 damage to the chest and 33 damage to the stomach at medium ranges. The damage falloff also appears to be reduced, as four-shot kills are still possible at longer ranges. Considering that five-shot kills were the previous standard, this is an excellent buff for the M4A1-S.

Desert Eagle body damage nerfed

The Desert Eagle is a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled CSGO player, but its lethality at close ranges has been greatly reduced. Before the Riptide balance patch, it was very common for Deagle users to kill close enemies with two body shots. It dealt 58 damage to the chest and 72 to the gut of armored enemies.

Now the Deagle is much less threatening up close. Chest shots only deal 47 damage at close range, which demands three bullets to secure the kill. Stomach shots now deal 57 damage at close ranges, which can still allow for a two-shot kill, but that quickly drops down to 46 damage with distance. The Deagle nerf may seem harsh, but players can still two-shot each other with shots to the stomach and the guaranteed kill with a headshot remains in place.

In addition to these two major changes, the Dual Berettas also got a minor reduction to their purchase price. The paired pistols can now be purchased for just $300. Grenades are also droppable, which could play a major role in how CTs defend sites and Ts stop retakes. All the Operation Riptide balance changes combined could affect the outcome of the $2 million PGL Major Stockholm starting October 26.


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