Here are the abilities and release date of Apex Legends’ Seer

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends Season 10 is here and it’s bringing tons of changes to the game, including tweaks to the World’s Edge and a brand new legend. 

Respawn dropped plenty of hints about the new character “made of moths,” who’ll play a support role for frontline legends. However, teasers granted a sneak peek at the legend who looks to be a potentially viable scout. 

Legend 18 is named “Seer”, and he’s presumed to be created out of moths, according to the lore and in-game dialogues. The agent can detect enemies’ heartbeats and release microdrones, allowing him to track enemies and set up kills. This comes after Apex Legends developers discussed the lack of popularity of these more support-focused legends like Crypto and whether the role was set for a shakeup. 

Here are all the abilities of Seer, Apex’s new brand new legend. 

Apex Legends Seer abilities

  • Passive ability – Heartseeker
  • Tactical ability – Focus of Attention
  • Ultimate ability – Exhibit

While aiming down sights, Seer can see nearby enemies’ heartbeats with the aptly named Heartseeker, allowing him to help set up or avoid attacks. With his tactical ability, Seer releases microdrones from his heart chamber that hunt for enemies for eight seconds. Upon exposure to the microdrones, enemies won’t be able to revive or heal teammates. 

Seer’s ultimate ability is Exhibit, which releases even more microdrones. These devices huddle into a circle and reveal the location of enemies that try to shoot at the sphere. With this mechanic, Seer can reveal enemy locations and footsteps for his teammates. 

Seer’s kit could let him be the first properly strong support legend. Using his intel-gathering powers, higher-ELO teams and players could be able to climb ranks quicker. As with legends like Crypto, it’s hard to see him taking off in casual play. Seer might fail to deliver to his potential without the support of teammates. 

Apex Legends Seer release date

Seer will launch as part of Apex Legends Season 10 on August 3, alongside a modified version of the World’s Edge map and a number of other changes.