Here are the 5 best Glock skins and their prices in CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


May 11, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Looking to up your skin game in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? The Glock is the perfect place to start and here are some of the best skins for it.

A common adage for CSGO skins is to upgrade the skins you see the most. Players stare at their knives all the time, but pistols are the second-most common sight. Players love showing off their fancy AK-47 skins, but the Glock is just as important. Here are five of the best Glock skins in all of CSGO and how much they cost.

The best Glock skins in all of CSGO

When choosing a Glock skin to buy, it’s important to consider both aesthetics and price. A cheap gun can still look good with a nice pattern and float value. With that said, the best skins tend to sell for a whole lot more. With different budgets in mind, here are the five best Glock skins to buy in CSGO.

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5. Catacombs ($0.43)

The first pick on our list is a great choice for players on a budget. The Catacombs pattern comes in over 100 unique patterns with different skulls for each one. Variable patterns are usually reserved for the rarest of CSGO skins, but the Catacombs have it for less than a dollar makes it one of the best Glock cosmetics. Factory New examples are available for less than 50 cents, but StatTrak fans can get a clean one for just $2.

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4. Water Elemental ($10)

CSGO veterans will remember this classic pistol skin from the Operation Breakout days. The Water Elemental was pretty daring for its time, with a slick graffiti pattern and contrast background. Its once-wild look is pretty tame by today’s standards, but it still makes a great flashy skin. Factory New Water Elementals cost just under $10, making them a good budget choice for a pistol round specialist.

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3. Pink DDPAT ($42)

DDPAT skins are a staple in CSGO, but the Glock got the best rendition yet with Pink DDPAT. Various shades of grey dot the surface in front of a bright pink backdrop. Like all DDPATs, Pink Glocks drop with one of hundreds of potential patterns. This gun was only available directly though Operation Riptide, so Factory New examples cost a sizable $42. The good-looking Souvenir versions can sell for over $240, but that could change as more majors drop the 2021 Mirage Collection.

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2. Synth Leaf ($184)

The Synth Leaf was only available during Operation Shattered Web in the St. Marc Collection. The number of Synth Leafs lying around has drastically decreased since many players have performed tradeups trying to get an AK-47 | Wild Lotus. Low-float Synth Leafs currently sell for $184 a pop. While its price is partly related to its tradeup value, the Synth Leaf also makes an excellent play skin thanks to its muted tones and trippy palm leaf pattern.

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1. Gamma Doppler ($280)

The absolute best Glock skin in CSGO has to be the Gamma Doppler. This special gun skin comes in five different variations, each with its own colors and pattern pool. Emerald is the most coveted of all, with shining green ripples all along the slide. Cheap examples can sell for as little as $17, but Factory New emeralds have sold for as much as $280 on the Steam market.

Fade is the most expensive Glock skin in CSGO

Fade skins are some of the most sought-after cosmetics in CSGO. While available on most knives, only six guns have Fade finishes. The Glock is tied with the AWP as the most expensive Fade gun skin at $1,250. Some examples have even sold on the Steam Market for $1,800. That’s nearly four times as much as the current second-most expensive Glock skin, a souvenir Candy Apple.

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Each Fade Glock has its fade pattern positioned slightly differently, and examples with more visible blue fetch higher prices. Because of this, perfect Glock Fades are too expensive for the Steam market and are likely traded privately by collectors.