Valorant chat commands

Here are all the most important chat commands in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Communication is the key to unlocking a winning streak, so players may want to learn a few crucial chat commands in Valorant.

Forming a synergy with teammates through communication yields unbelievably strong results in a team-based game like Valorant. Valorant’s ping system helps give timely callouts without a mic. The chat feature is also a great alternative for those who’d rather not use their mic. For this, players should learn a few Valorant chat commands to communicate more effectively. 

Valorant chat commands that everyone should know


Here are all the important Valorant chat commands you may need to use during your ranked games. 

  • Team Chat:  Enter, Type /team + the message. Press enter to send
  • Party Chat: Enter, Type /party (/p) + the message. Press Enter to send
  • All Chat: Enter, Type /all + the message. Enter to send
  • Whisper Chat: Enter, Type the player’s name, select the name, type message, and press send
  • Reply to a private message: /r and type your reply
  • /CC: Copy the crosshair of the player while spectating
  • /Yes: Alternative for F5 
  • /No: Alternative for F6
  • /remake: Initiate a remake vote 

These are the crucial commands in Valorant that come in handy during competitive games. If your F5 or F6 keys aren’t working, you can always vote in favor or against a remake by typing in /yes or /no. Team chat can also be accessed by simply pressing shift+enter, but this is still a helpful alternative for those using unorthodox keyboards. It’s much simpler to type a message in one go. 

How to surrender in Valorant?

If you want to surrender a game for any reason, just type any of the three commands in chat. 

  • /ff
  • /concede
  • /surrender

You, or your teammates, can call for surrender at any time past the start of the fourth round of both the attack and defense phases. The number of votes to surrender depends on the mode you’re playing. If you’re in unrated, you’ll need 80% of the team to vote for ff. If you’re playing competitive Valorant, you’ll need a 100% unanimous vote to surrender. You’ll only be able to make one surrender attempt per phase, so don’t waste it.