HenryG calls Riot Games’ Project A “best game since CSGO” in alpha

By Melany Moncada


Feb 17, 2020

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The first details about Riot Games’ Project A have been revealed.

During a ten-year celebration in October 2019, Riot Games showed a glimpse of Project A, the first FPS to be developed by the company. At the time, Riot Games only revealed that it was a character-based tactical shooter. The project was a work in progress and the release date was not announced at the time.

A group of select people had a chance to take part in a closed alpha hosted in Riot Games’ offices in Dublin. Former professional CSGO player and commentator Henry “HenryG” Greer attended the event and shared his experience through Twitter.

Project A called “the best FPS since CSGO”

Project A is a five-on-five round-based tactical shooter. According to HenryG, the closed alpha was played on a search and destroy map with sides swapped at halftime.

He didn’t share how rounds are played per map. The maps are designed with a focus on gameplay rather than the aesthetic. In that sense, Project A is similar to CSGO.

When it comes to weapons, Project A aims to combine the best of multiple worlds. Each class or hero has its own unique abilities that can be purchased between rounds, and the characters also get access to generic weapons. To purchase either abilities or weapons, the players will have to use the in-game economy. Abilities are intended to be used strategically, instead of being used as a dramatic ultimate ability.

Riot Games is currently planning on releasing Project A for PC users. Other platforms are still under consideration, but are not a priority. The game will be free-to-play with the option to purchase skins and cosmetics, just as is the case with League of Legends.

It’s unclear if some of the League of Legends characters will find their way to Project A or if the game features only new characters. Either way, Riot Games is likely to expand its universe with new cinematics and written stories.

Project A is receiving high praise from those who had access to the closed alpha. HenryG went so far as to call it “the best game I have played since CSGO”.

The developer shared that more details will be revealed on March 2.


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