How to find out if you’ve played with popular Valorant streamers

By Olivia Richman


Aug 23, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

A new website is answering a burning question a lot of Valorant players have.

Did they ever play against a famous streamer? 

The website, called VOD Search, lets players find out if they have ever been on someone’s live stream. Valorant players can find out if they’ve directly interacted with streamers while they were broadcasting matches by searching their in-game name. One of the site’s developers also noted that the site’s system looks for the “most exciting parts within each match” and bookmarks them for the player. 

“This lets you effortlessly jump to the very best and most exciting parts, in case you don’t want to watch the entire match or stream, just by clicking through a timeline of events,” the developer said. 

How can you find out if you played with a popular streamer? 

Valorant streamer search

The first step is to search for a specific player’s name. A tag number isn’t required. Once the name is searched, players will see all the names that closely match the one they typed in. Players can then select the correct name. 

Once the in-game name is chosen, players will see all of the matches in which they’ve competed against a famous streamer. If there are a lot of results, players are able to filter the list of matches by the streamer’s name. Clicking the video will allow them to watch the match. Website users are able to bookmark “exciting and interesting in-game events,” like kills. Players can access their killfeed below the video to instantly jump to that part of the stream. 

“All views from our website go directly to the streamer’s view count on Twitch. Our hope is for streamers to gain followers and have more fun looking through their own matches and interesting events, and to increase their Twitch engagement, while simultaneously providing a fun and useful tool for the broader Valorant community,” the developers stated. 

The VOD Search creators posted a link to their site on Reddit and prompted the Valorant community to give feedback, advice, and comments. While most of the feedback was positive, a lot of players were curious how the website would deal with people having the exact same in-game name. 

The developers stated that it was something they were working on, although no solution has been found yet. Valorant fans suggested differentiating by player rank, region, or even by their most-played agent. 

VOD Search can also search for in-game names within Fortnite. The site currently only works on English servers, but developers were looking to expand to other servers if there’s enough interest. 


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