Have you beaten any Dota 2 pros? Here’s how to find out

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Pro Dota 2 players can seem unbeatable, but you can check if you’ve scored any big wins using a stat-tracking website.

Dota 2 is one of the most popular competitive video games for many reasons, but the game’s massive skill ceiling is the perhaps the biggest one. The gap between a new Herald player and a skilled pro like Anathan “ana” Pham is an absolute ocean of experience and knowledge. With that in mind, it’s not too uncommon to run into a pro player in unranked without realizing it. If you want to see which pros you’ve stacked up against, there’s an easy way to check.

The first step is to head to OpenDota, one of the most comprehensive Dota 2 stat trackers on the web. Once there, log in using your Steam profile and navigate to your personal page. The My Profile button in the top right is the fastest way to get there. In the top bar under your rank and profile name, click the Pros section. This will take you to a table of all the registered Dota 2 professionals you’ve beaten and lost to.

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In addition to seeing which one you’ve played against, OpenDota can also show which Dota 2 pro players you’ve played with. The left side of the graph shows your win rate alongside pro players. To check the exact games you played with the pros, click on the small arrow left of the matches column. Analyze your stats to see if playing against Dota 2 pros pushes you to your limits or drops your mid-match motivation and performance.

How to check your all-time records in Dota 2

In addition to providing a list of pro players you’ve beaten and lost to, OpenDota pulls a ton of other awesome stats from your entire Dota 2 career. Head back to the main profile page and click on the Records tab next to the Pros section. This should bring up a new table showing all of your best and worst records taken from throughout your Dota 2 career.

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In addition to kills, the dropdown menu in the top left can show all sorts of fun or depressing stats. For example, you can check your highest gold and experience per minute games. Expect Alchemist to dominate the former category. After hyping yourself up, be sure to check your biggest throw to reset your humility.