Hats, taunts, and new customization likely coming to Fortnite

By Rebekah Drake


Apr 8, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Recent leaks have suggested that customisable cosmetics will soon be coming to Fortnite.

A datamined list of items was discovered that listed such new finds as hats and a calling card item.

The information was discovered by Twitter user Hypex, as a recent Fortnite update included data on a number of items that aren’t currently featured in-game. Keywords such as “headgear,” “taunt,” and “personalised battle bus” were among the data revealed.

Hypex also discovered information on new victory poses and taunts for players. If victory poses are indeed going to be implemented into the game soon, it would suggest a new victory screen might also be introduced through which players will be able to show off these newly added cosmetics.

These leaks aren’t the first clues that more customisation would be appearing within the battle royale. Update 8.10 included a new mechanic that allows players to slightly adjust specific skins in a Locker Room. The Elite Agent skin, for example, can be worn with or without a face mask attached.

It has also been confirmed by developer Epic Games that more skins will be made customisable in the future, though they have not informed fans when to expect these changes to be implemented.

The next big update arriving to Fortnite is patch 8.30, which according to community manager Nathan Mooney is due to arrive during the second week of April. Looking back at past update times, it is likely that the patch will be live on either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

The 8.30 update will include a new respawn mechanic for team matches, and may also include some of the new customizable features found.


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