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HasanAbi joins debate with Andrew Tate on sexist opinions

By Olivia Richman


Jul 22, 2022

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Internet personality Andrew Tate has been causing a stir for quite a while due to his sexist tirades, red pill rhetoric, and sex trafficking allegations. Now, popular streamers have decided to confront Tate, leading to a heated debate on Twitch between HasanAbi and Andrew Tate.

Political Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker decided to join a livestream with Tate to discuss his controversial statements and sketchy business practices. Hasan started off by pointing out that Tate often said things that were just his opinion without providing proof to back up his claims, like claiming all women are bad drivers. Tate replied that it was a biased take based on his personal experiences.

“We all carry a bunch of personal biases and when we analyze situations we don’t have enough scope to grasp the entirety of the situation,” HasanAbi responded.

Tate continued to argue, accusing HasanAbi of blindly believing numbers he sees online instead of going by his own opinions. When HasanAbi tried to continue, Tate told him he “lost” and is “boring,” as the debate between HasanAbi and Andrew Tate became more heated.

After HasanAbi continued to hound Tate about his sexist opinions, he decided to turn the conversation towards Tate’s businesses. Tate seemed immediately offended after HasanAbi brought up Tate’s Hustlers University, accusing him of brainwashing young boys.

“The vibe’s down. It’s boring. Nobody thinks you’re cool, nobody thinks you’re funny,” Tate responded.

“You just aren’t answering my questions,” HasanAbi responded.

“I don’t have to. You’re not the police,” Tate said.

One of the Fortnite pros on the call decided to end the debate around that time, leading HasanAbi to say that Tate “cried like a baby” when confronted about his beliefs and practices.

xQc, other streamers weigh in on Andrew Tate drama

Andrew Tate and Felix “xQc” Lengyel joined Adin Ross’ stream last week for a similar debate. xQc was vocally against Tate’s more sexist statements and was visibly angry as the conversation evolved. xQc also commented on how the other people on the stream just kept “blindly” nodding along with Tate.

After watching the debate, YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren decided to also speak out against Tate. Ludwig claimed that Tate had “poisoned the mind” of impressionable teenage boys.

“Every couple of months I’ll open up Twitter and roll my eyes at this stupid meme about how these four YouTubers ruined a generation of kids. As if a single person or even a group of people could ruin a generation of anything, I thought,” Ludwig said. “Until I found out who Andrew Tate was.”


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