Hangzhou Spark DPS GodsB talks Bastion, beating Atlanta Reign

By Olivia Richman


Sep 13, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The Hangzhou Spark made quite a statement when they took down the Atlanta Reign 4-0 in the Overwatch League Playoffs. While the team seemed to be working seamlessly together, their DPS player Kyeong-bo “GodsB” Kim immediately stole the show with his game-changing Reaper and Bastion plays. 

GodsB had 46 final blows as Reaper through those four games, 12 of which came from his perfectly timed Death Blossoms. His overall damage dealt of 28,000 won GodsB Player of the Match. On Bastion, he had an incredible 73 total eliminations in just four games, with 32 final blows to only 13 deaths. 

GodsB told WIN.gg that it was perfect teamwork and the perfect team comp that ultimately advanced the team to their next playoffs challenge. 

How are you feeling after the win today? 

GodsB: I think we did great and we’re excited. Looking forward to the next match. 

Is this the outcome your team expected? 

I thought we would win, but I didn’t think it would go this well. 

Why do you think your team was able to perform so well? 

Our team has better teamwork, and that’s the main reason I think we did better today. 

You were on Bastion for a good amount of the match. What is the strategy behind that pick? 

It’s really easy. You press “shift” and trust your teammates. 

As the playoff started, everyone was playing Reaper and Doomfist. The only comp that can take on that comp is Bastion and Mei.

The most important thing is that Doomfist can’t one shot kill Bastion. That’s the main thing. Then Bastion has the opportunity to kill him.

In Stage 4, you played a lot of Widowmaker. How did you prepare for the switch to Reaper? 

When I was converting to Reaper, I died a lot in practice. I learned a lot from those experiences. I was able to get better and better.

Reaper is a really good counter to Sigma. That’s the main reason why I converted from Widowmaker to Reaper. Sigma is really strong. To counter, we need Doomfist. But to cover Doomfist, we need a good Orisa player. Then we need Reaper to kill their Orisa. It’s a big cycle.

Once Orisa is down, we can get Doomfist. Once Doomfist is down, we can get Sigma. 

This is your first season in the OWL. How does it feel to be in the playoffs? 

I’m really happy about it. Since we’re already in the top four, I think I played well for the fans who care about us. I didn’t let them down. 

Who do you think will win the current match, Los Angeles Gladiators or San Francisco Shock?

Maybe the Shock. They’re still good.  

If the Shock did win, how do you think Spark would do against them? 

I think we’re going to practice even harder. Throughout the whole year, we never won against them even once. That’s the revenge we’re looking after.  

What would it mean to become the Season 2 champions? 

This is the best and biggest stage in Overwatch. If we became the champions, it’d be a really big accomplishment.


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