GTA V Snow event end dates, where to find snowmen, and more

By Melany Moncada


Jan 2, 2023

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The temperature is dropping in Los Santos, snow is covering the streets, and a scary figure is stalking in the alleyways. The GTA V snow event has arrived, and here is every detail about it.

The Los Santos snowfall is a yearly event that lasts around two weeks. During this time, different parts of the map will see different levels of snow, from a light fall to a full blizzard. The snow affects the gameplay, making cars more difficult to drive, so it is not the best time to race.

The event brings much more than just snow. In the streets of Los Santos, players will encounter The Gooch. This monster is constantly looking for victims. If you encounter it, The Gooch will take your money and snacks. It is your mission to take out The Gooch by any means necessary. Once you take it out, The Gooch will drop a loot that consists of anything it took from you, The Gooch mask, snacks, and $25,000.

To encounter The Gooch, you must be online outside of a building for at least 50 minutes without taking any missions. Just walk around to increase the chances of encountering it.

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At Weazel Plaza, players will have another mission. Players who neutralize the targets will earn the new WM 29 Pistol and the Season’s Greetings skins for the Pistol MK II.

Where are all the snowmen in GTA V?

Another mission during the winter event is finding the 25 hidden snowmen. The reward for collecting the 25 hidden snowmen is $125,000 and The Snowman outfit.

  1. Fudge Lane intersection in El Burro Heights
  2. Alta Street in Chamberlain Hills
  3. Elgin Avenue in Legion Square
  4. West Galileo Avenue in Vinewood Hills
  5. Aguja Street on Vespucci Beach
  6. Inseno Road
  7. Grapeseed Main Street
  8. Bayfree Canyon Road in the Great Chaparral region
  9. The intersection of South Rockford Drive and San Andreas Avenue in the Vespucci Canals area
  10. Mirror Park Boulevard, Utopia Gardens
  11. North Sheldon Avenue
  12. Bridge Street in Mirror Park
  13. Power Street in the Alta area of Vinewood
  14. West Eclipse Boulevard in Rockford Hills
  15. North Rockford Drive
  16. In the middle of Duluoz Avenue
  17. El Gordo Lighthouse
  18. The intersection of Buen Vino Road and Banham Canyon Drive
  19. Northern side of Vinewood Hills, through Los Santos freeway
  20. The intersection between Tongva Drive and Zancudo Road
  21. RON Alternates Wind Farm 
  22. Joshua Road
  23. Marina Drive on Sandy Shores
  24. The intersection of Great Ocean Highway, south of Procopio Beach
  25. The Great Ocean Highway

When does the snow end in GTA V?

The winter event in GTA V will run through January 11. At that time, none of the extra missions and collectibles will be available on the map.

How to remove snow in GTA V?

While the snow is pretty to look at, not all players are fans of it. The snow makes it difficult to drive and affects visibility when flying over the ocean, affecting the aircraft carrier business battle. Unfortunately, it is not possible to manually remove the snow from the map. It will be gone by January 11.


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