GTA 5 Thank You page launches, what does it mean for GTA 6?

Fariha Bhatti • September 13, 2022 7:57 am

Rockstar Games is likely wrapping production on its lucrative crime game Grand Theft Auto 5, which means big things for the development of GTA 6. 

The rumors around GTA 6 have been abundant, but the developer has kept the official release date out of the public’s eyes and ears. Leakers have kept the news cycle spinning, but the release date still remains a mystery. Rockstar has gone as far as to ban the term “GTA 6” from its Twitch channel, refusing to spare crumbs of information for the fans. 

However, Rockstar officially announced something that has big implications regarding the game. A thank you note on the official GTA 5 page featured a long list of names that worked on Rockstar’s flagship title over the years. 

“Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online represent the combined efforts of our global team over many years. We want to acknowledge and thank everyone who has contributed to these games, from their original launch in 2013 all the way through to present day,” the note said.

It’s common knowledge that credits typically roll at the end of something, and this certainly suggests that development on GTA 5 and new ports of the game will cease. But what does it mean for GTA 6? 

Is GTA 6 release date soon? 

Earlier this year, a Rockstar internal report revealed that GTA 6 wouldn’t see the light of the day for the next three years. But, the recent wrap on GTA 5 may accelerate the development process. 

According to Take-Two Interactive’s internal plans, GTA 6 was years away from release. The fiscal report mentioned all the Rockstar games in development with expected release dates between 2023 and 2025. The list didn’t include GTA 6, confirming that it’s still in the pre-alpha phase. More recent media reports stated GTA 6 is at least two years away. This suggests that there’s a chance it might come out sooner than expected, though still not any time soon. 

After 10 years of development, the game’s progress may finally pick pace due to the recent internal modifications. The thank you page further corroborates that the team is likely shifting focus towards the next installment, so it’s not entirely ridiculous to expect a release date within the next two years. 

GTA 6 was announced in 2014, a year after Rockstar’s smash-hit title GTA 5, which is currently the second-best-selling video game of all time. However, the development saw plenty of hiccups. But, if reports are to be believed, a shift in Rockstar’s modus operandi may positively impact GTA 6’s timeline. 


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