GSK revealed as new XDefiant faction and they are deadly

By William Davis


Jul 1, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

XDefiant’s first-ever Season is here, bringing in GSK, a crowd-control faction. But what are all the GSK abilities?

XDefiant currently has six factions that are all known for their death-dealing utility, mobility, and healing abilities. However, it had been missing one crucial faction that could keep enemies at bay using top-tier defensive tools.

With GSK, Ubisoft is addressing that gap. GSK is a faction defined as “Grenzschutzkommando,” tasked with controlling the crowd and protecting territory. It does that by using barbed wires, grenade-catching gadgets, and sturdy shields.

GSK abilities in XDefiant

GSK XDefiant abilities

Here are the GSK abilities revealed in the XDefiant Season 1 trailer.


ADS is a primary activated ability 1 which is basically a gadget that shuts down all incoming grenades. It stays up for 25 seconds and then disables for a temporary cooldown. ADS has a small AoE, but it’s extremely effective when paired with the abilities of other factions.

Ballistic Helmet

This passive ability is a simple helmet that protects you from heavy damage from headshots. If you have an equipped Ballistic Helmet, an incoming sniper bullet won’t be able to one-shot you, even if it’s a headshot. This is an extremely powerful ability, especially considering the sniper meta in XDefiant.


Shockwire is a bundle of spikes that electrocute enemies upon contact. It has a small size, but it does the job when placed on entrances and alleys. You can shut down the entire objective by placing down a barbed wire, and it will keep enemies at bay. Of course, it can be destroyed by a melee or a grenade.

Flash Shield

GSK is equipped with one of the deadliest ultras in XDefiant. Flash Shield is a knee-length shield that blinds incoming enemies. It’s even deadlier with a sidearm that can deal heavy damage at close range. But, you’ll have to risk being exposed to the enemies.