Grenades removed from Fortnite due to game-breaking glitch

Olivia Richman • April 1, 05:30

Per usual, gamers can’t have nice things. Epic Games has temporarily disabled grenades in Fortnite after some gamers discovered discovered a game-breaking bug where they could throw more than one grenade at once. 

“Due to an issue, the Grenade has been temporarily disabled in Battle Royale. We’ll provide an update when the Grenade has been re-enabled,” Fortnite tweeted out

The maximum grenades people can carry in battle royale mode is six. In Fortntie’s Creative mode, players can carry unlimited grenades. The grenade glitch allowed players to throw all of the grenades they were carrying at once, making it immensely oppressive in Creative. 

A Fortnite player took to Twitter to share how he figured this out. The first thing players must do is change their fire settings to Mouse Wheel Down or Up. Once the settings are changed, simply throwing a grenade will make multiple explosions go off, doing up to 200 damage to opposing players. 

When one follower pointed out that controller players couldn’t take advantage of this bug, the original glitch exposer stated that PC players need “every advantage they can get” since controller players have aim assist

“This blew up,” FaZe Clan Fortnite streamer Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler joked

TSM Fortnite player Jonah “Slappie” Mills was not as amused with the player sharing such a game-breaking bug. 

“All that for a drop of clout,” Slappie tweeted. 

Fortnite fans instantly accused Slappie of “keeping the hack for himself” since he’s allegedly used it before. But others were frustrated at the thread’s OP for sharing the glitch, since it would possibly lead to the grenades being vaulted. Some even predicted that Epic would use the given information to address the problem. 

When Epic officially did just that, many were happy to see the grenades gone. Some Fortnite fans even stated that they wanted the grenades gone for good. Epic hasn’t stated when the grenades will be back just yet. 

Meanwhile, Fortnite fans will have to find another item they can exploit. 



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