Greekgodx banned from Twitch, and fans don’t know why

Olivia Richman • November 30, 2020 9:38 pm

Nudity? DMCA? Fans are scrambling to figure out why streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos has been banned from Twitch.

This is the Team SoloMid content creator’s second ban from Twitch this year. It most likely isn’t permanent, but so far neither Greekgodx nor Twitch have stated how long the suspension is for, or why he received the ban to begin with. No matter the reason, one viewer discovered that Greekgodx’s banned account is still a partner with the platform, meaning it’s probably not permanent. 

With all of the drama surrounding the DMCA takedowns of videos containing copyrighted music, it’s possible this was the reason Greekgodx was punished. Others are suspecting that his suspension was due to nudity. 

Why was Greekgodx banned from Twitch? 

That is unknown at this time, but it could stem from a recent livestream that contained nudity and violence. According to a Reddit post, Greekgodx was watching a YouTube video while live streaming that suddenly showed partial nudity. Greekgodx allegedly showed a man’s exposed buttocks for three minutes. During the same live stream, Greekgodx showed footage of a cat being eaten by a cougar.

Even though the streamer attempted to say it was just a nature documentary, the streaming community quickly noticed the Live Leaks logo on the video. While his fans argued that these videos weren’t a big deal and can “easily” be found on YouTube, both of these clips are against Twitch’s Terms of Service. 

This is Greekgodx’s second ban. In September, his account was suspended when he made transphobic comments. The UK streamer ranted about websites that had “other” as a gender option, calling the platforms “cucks” for including the selection. 

Greekgodx will most likely be back on Twitch in two weeks or less. 

Fellow streamer Sebastian “Forsen” Fors was recently banned indefinitely for showing inappropriate footage of animals. After showing a horse’s penis for a split second, Forsen was removed from the platform. It’s unclear how long he will be banned from Twitch. 

Meanwhile, Imane “Pokimane” Anys accidentally showed an explicit pornographic image and faced no consequences. This has led many to believe that Twitch treats each content creator differently based on how popular they are. 


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