Greekgodx Twitch ban

Greekgodx banned from Twitch, was it for a sexist rant?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The streaming community is wondering what exactly led to Twitch streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos being banned from the broadcasting platform and fans think they may have found the reason.

On June 28, Greekgodx went on a topless rant during a livestream only to have his account banned just a few hours later. While Greekgodx has not confirmed the reason behind his third ban, many are figuring it was due to the content of the rant made earlier today.

Greekgodx himself made a joke out of the situation, stating that the ban was for “twerking” on Twitter. But many in the streaming community are feeling heated after Greekgodx’s rant.

What did Greekgodx say to be banned from Twitch?

During his most recent Twitch stream, Greekgodx decided to go into some depth about his traditional relationship views, stating that any woman who wants to date him must quit their job and focus on cooking and cleaning instead.

“Your career is done,” Greekgodx said. “I will stream while you cook for me and you clean for me. You look after the children while I gain all the money. I give it to you and give it to our children for a healthy, secure life. That’s how I want to run my life.”

Greekgodx continued to say that other people can “do whatever they want,” but in his own reality, he is going to “sit here and earn all the money” while his partner is “in the kitchen” cooking and cleaning. Greekgodx said that’s his version of “working together,” but not many people felt comfortable with his sentiment.

On Reddit, many in the streaming community called him “crazy” and “controlling” for wanting to have so much potential control over a theoretical partner. Others accused him of wanting a maid or mother instead of an equal partner.

How long will Greekgodx be banned from Twitch?

It’s currently unclear when Greekgodx will return to Twitch. This is his third ban in the past few years, with his second ban being for showing partial nudity on stream. The first time Greedgodx was banned from Twitch was for making transphobic comments and complaining about websites that have “other” as a gender option.

Greekgodx returned to streaming in 2020 after taking a long break to focus on his physical health. He doesn’t stream as often now as he did in the past, but after this latest Twitch ban, he may not be streaming at all.


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