Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai

Grafaiai revealed as new Pokemon coming in Scarlet and Violet

By Steven Rondina


Sep 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new generation nine Pokemon has been confirmed for Scarlet and Violet, with The Pokemon Company revealing Grafaiai.

Grafaiai is a new Pokemon that seems similar to an aye-aye. It marks its territory by using poisonous saliva, which it uses to effectively paint designs onto trees and other landmarks. The new Pokemon was revealed with a faux nature documentary segment discussing its graffiti approach to marking territory.

The reveal of Grafaiai comes after days of teasing from the official Pokemon Twitter account. A number of striped trees and targets were shown over a few days with the tease of a new Pokemon being unveiled. Included in this was a few silhouette shots, harkening to the found footage reveal of Hisuian Zoroark for Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

What type is Grafaiai?

Grafaiai has both poison and normal typing. It’s the first gen-nine Pokemon so far to have a confirmed unique typing.

Poison-normal is decent typing. Relative to a pure normal Pokemon, this typing effectively trades away its resistance to fighting moves for immunity to ghost. Alongside that ghost immunity, Grafaiai will resist grass, bug, and fairy moves while being weak to psychic and ground.

To this point, the revealed gen-nine Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet have been of relatively straightforward typing. Most of the Pokemon shown off so far have pure typings or have dual typing similar to other previously released Pokemon. All starters, Pawmi, Lechonk, Fidough, and Cetitan have just one type. Dragon-normal Cyclizar, poison-ground Paldean Wooper, and grass-normal Smoliv all have typings shared with various Pokemon from previous generations.

Fans can still expect some new typings to pop up when the game actually ships. In all likelihood, no evolved Pokemon have been revealed yet and fans can expect some of them to be unique.

No stats were given for Grafaiai and it’s uncertain whether the Pokemon will evolve or whether it already is evolved. Either way, fans can expect more information as the game’s release approaches.